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Civil Mediator

There are many issues that can be settled using the experience and expertise of a mediator. Mediation can help you resolve issues without going to court. Instead of hiring attorneys and paying waiting on a court date, you can instead solve complex problems with the help of a neutral, third party who will facilitate discussion that can lead to an agreement between the two parties. Mediation saves you money, will take less time and is generally less stressful than litigation. Lesa Koski is an experienced and trusted mediator serving the Stillwater, MN area who uses her excellent communication and listening skills to help people solve problems, without having to enlist the court system. Mediation is cooperative and collaborative and often results in a solution that works for both parties and that allows you to maintain a relationship with the other party. Read Full Post »

Elder Law Attorney

Woodbury MNLesa Koski is a highly respected and experienced lawyer and skilled mediator who serves many constituencies in Minnesota, including elderly members of our communities. Getting older often means that issues like health care, finances and other important decisions require the help and support of others. Lesa understands that the changes that can occur when a loved one ages can be difficult and she offers a compassionate and sensitive approach to elder law issues such as:
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Elder Law Service

Elder Law AttorneyGrappling with the reality that our parents, grandparents or loved ones are aging is difficult. In fact, it is sometimes very easy to ignore signs like loss of mobility or memory and attribute it all to a bad day. But, as our loved ones age, it is important to think ahead about many important things like their wishes for health care intervention in the case of an emergency or health decline, estate planning as well as who will be the decision maker about their finances if they cannot. Lesa Koski is an attorney with a reputable and well established practice in Stillwater, MN, who specializes in elder law and can help you and your family with this transition in order to minimize stress and anxiety and allow you to enjoy all that life has to offer! Read Full Post »

Family Law Expert

height=”180″ />Lesa Koski is an experienced and trusted Minnesota attorney who has specific expertise in the very complex area of family law. Family and divorce law can be different from state to state, so when dealing with issues related to this area of law, it is important to find a lawyer who is well versed in the specifics of your state’s law. Lesa Koski is an attorney you can trust, based on her understanding of Minnesota divorce law and the great success she has found as a family law attorney as well as a divorce mediator. Lesa’s mission is to offer compassionate, complete, competent legal services to her clients and help them find a way forward, rather than focusing on the past. Read Full Post »

Health Care Directive Attorney

Elder Law Attorney Lesa Koski serving Stillwater, Woodbury, Lake Elmo, Bayport and the surrounding twin cities metro area believes in planning ahead. “I spend a lot of time educating people in the community for several of the following reasons. We can create positive outcomes for difficult situations through planning, understanding leads to good planning and understanding grows from education”. Most important to Lesa of Koski Law and Mediation of Stillwater, MN is to educate clients so that they can plan well and have a good outcome. Read Full Post »

Post-Mediation Lawyer

Parenting MediatorIf you have recently gotten a divorce but still have unresolved issues, questions, or legal matters that need to be addressed, Lesa Koski’s law firm can help. And, since you have recently been through a divorce, you already know that the issues don’t necessarily go away immediately after signing the dotted line on your divorce documents. For every person who has ever gotten divorced, there are likely that many different potential issues that can crop up after a divorce. Read Full Post »

Mediation for Couples

If you and your partner are separating after being together for several years, you’ll likely face the challenge of splitting up your property fairly, including assets and debts acquired during your partnership. In addition, if there are children involved, a separation can become even more complicated, making it difficult for unmarried couples to reach an agreement about child support, child custody, housing, and more. If you’re struggling to make these decisions, or if you’re in need of someone to help guide you and your partner through a less stressful, less conflict-fueled separation, then couples mediation may be just what you need. Offering mediation for couples in Hudson, Afton, Woodbury, and Stillwater, MN, Lesa Koski is a skilled separation mediator, and she can help you work through the challenges of ending a partnership. Read Full Post »

Divorce Mediator Serving Eastern MN and Western WI

domestic-partners-mediation-servicesLesa Koski is a competent and highly committed Divorce Mediator who serves the people of eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. If you are in the midst of a divorce, especially if you have children, you will want to seek the assistance of Lesa Koski. Lesa Koski has earned a strong reputation for her work in divorce mediation. One area of focus of Lesa Koski’s practice is post-divorce support. Divorce changes the nature of your relationship with your spouse, but it does not end the relationship. Problems can persist following a divorce, especially when children are involved. The kind of support offered by Lesa Koski can go a long way toward helping you respond healthily to the stress of your divorce and the changing nature of your relationship with your former spouse. This service provided by Lesa Koski is designed to help you gain greater insight and empowerment regarding the many feelings and issues that accompany and follow divorce. Read Full Post »

Divorce Support

Elder Law AttorneyMediation is a highly effective and less expensive way to settle many unresolved issues in a divorce, but there are times when both parties may not view the process in this way. If you are navigating a divorce and are having difficulty working with your soon to be ex-spouse to find solutions and common ground to move forward, you may want to partner with Lesa Koski, a state qualified neutral, who has spent her career devoted to a wide variety of aspects related to divorce and family law and mediation. If your partner is not ready or willing to move forward with mediation, Lesa can offer you individualized support to help you make decisions, look forward, and make your life better. Read Full Post »

Family Law Attorney, Stillwater MN

Family & Divorce Mediator serving Stillwater, Woodbury, & HudsonLesa Koski, an attorney based in Stillwater, Minnesota, offers expertise in multiple areas of the law, but her focus and her passion is in the area of Family Law. Her law practice has served the people of Stillwater, MN, by offering a caring, thoughtful service in the best interests of all family members. As a result, Lesa Koski has developed a well-deserved reputation as an area leader in family law. Read Full Post »