5 Benefits of Civil Mediation over a Court BattleThere are many benefits to civil mediation over a court battle to settle a conflict. Lesa Koski is a trained civil mediator that can guide you through the civil mediation process from start to finish, lending her strong communication skills and ability to help individuals compromise to your situation.

5 benefits of civil mediation over a court battle:

  1. Cost. Civil mediation costs a fraction of what litigation costs. No matter what your legal dispute is, civil mediation does not require the parties to pay attorneys to represent them. Civil mediators like Lesa Koski work closely with the disputants and are often able to help them resolve their disputes in approximately one day’s time. Court battles, however, are far less predictable and can result in enormous out-of-pocket costs to your respective attorneys. With a court battle, you are also at the mercy of the court for scheduling, which can take significantly longer than mediation.
  2. Cooperation. Civil mediation is solution-focused, which means that your civil mediator employs her expertise to help you find common ground between you and the party with whom you have a dispute. A good civil mediator like Lesa Koski will help you identify areas of agreement that can be built upon to resolve the conflict that exists.
  3. Investment in the process. Unlike in courtroom settings, where attorneys almost exclusively speak on behalf of their clients, civil mediation allows for the full participation of the people involved in the dispute. Courtroom battles tend to cause the people involved to feel silenced, or at least encumbered by the process. But civil mediation benefits from the sharing of your perspectives and experience.
  4. Fairness. Unlike courtroom battles, civil mediation is designed to create the most fairest resolution for all involved parties. In court cases that involve juries, outcomes of disputes can be unpredictable. Juries do not always reach a conclusion that seems logical or fair. But because you are directly involved in the civil mediation process, you have more control over the settlement that is reached and can contribute directly to the overall fairness of the mediation process.
  5. Confidentiality and privacy. Court cases are often public processes. Many people do not want to run the risk of having their private disputes become part of the public domain. Civil mediation, however, is a confidential process that protects the privacy of those involved.

Experienced Civil Mediator in MN

There are many advantages to civil mediation over courtroom processes, and one additional one we will provide here is Lesa Koski herself. Lesa is an expert mediator who understands the full range of advantages that civil mediation has over courtroom battles, and she has put her expertise to use for many clients. To schedule a time to discuss your civil dispute, call (651) 214-5057.