Are There Benefits To Completing Mediation Virtually?Our lives have changed a great deal in the last 18 months. While many of these changes have been stressful and difficult, some of them have been helpful in reducing stress, reducing how much time you spend racing around from one thing to the next. Virtual meetings were rare before COVID-19 and generally were conducted over the phone if not in person. But, as many of us transitioned to working from home, other meetings also transitioned from in person to virtual. This can save time, money, wear and tear on your car and even some stress if the in-person meetings caused you to be concerned about virus transmission.

Lesa Koski is a divorce and family mediation specialist that has adapted to this new environment and now offers virtual mediation services for families and couples who are ready to move forward with divorce or another major life decision but do not want to meet in person. There are many benefits to considering virtual mediation, even well after the pandemic is behind us. These benefits include:

1. Encouraging physical distance: Many of the reasons that you might seek a mediator is to help you resolve conflict between you and your spouse or another member of your family. Participating in the mediation process virtually minimizes the time that you spend “in the same room” with the other party and can simply reduce the overall stress and conflict that is part of this process.
2. More convenient scheduling: Without having to plan for commute times and traffic, you can jump on your computer from the comfort of your own home, from your workplace or even from vacation. You do not have to plan around scheduling a mediation session. This means that you can complete the process more quickly than waiting for a courtroom and attorney/judges schedules.
3. Safety: There has been much uncertainty over the last year. If you are concerned about COVID-19 transmission or if you or a loved one has a health condition that puts you at high risk, then virtual mediation is ideal for you. You do not even have to wear masks!

Virtual Or In-Person Mediation Services In MN And WI

Lesa Koski is an excellent communicator and is passionate about helping families with mediation. Lesa uses her skills, experience and knowledge about family law to help you find solutions for the issues that you face. She can effectively do this in person and/or virtually depending on your needs and your preference. For more information, call her directly at 651-214-5057 or email