Benefits Of Mediation to Settle A DivorceLesa Koski, Esq., of Stillwater, Minnesota specializes in Elder Law, Family Law, and Divorce Mediation. If you find yourself heading toward or are in the process of getting a divorce, you have several options for settling the terms of your divorce. There are many benefits of divorcing using the process of mediation over the more traditional court processes, and Lesa Koski has the insight and expertise to help you maximize the mediation process.

For many decades, our society has known divorce to be a process characterized by contentious proceedings in a courtroom. But more recently, mediated divorce has become a more popular and viable option. Lesa Koski acknowledges that courtroom-based divorce proceedings will likely never be completely replaced by mediated divorce proceedings. The more traditional court-based processes have advantages in some situations, of course, and therefore serve an important purpose. But for many people seeking divorce, mediation is the better option. And no mediation service provides a more comprehensive, supportive, or empathetic approach. Before you make the decision as to which process will be right for you, it may help to consider the factors that characterize the two different processes.

Divorce Mediation Saves Money

Typically, it is much less expensive to utilize a mediator than to hire lawyers to represent you in court. Costs can be kept down further if you expect that your divorce can proceed relatively simply. If you have few complications, manageable conflict between you and your spouse, and a willingness to compromise to resolve your differences your costs can be kept down. Mediated divorce also tends to be a more efficient process than courtroom-based divorce, which will also help keep costs down. Mediators typically charge much less than attorneys.

Qualified Divorce Mediator

Mediated divorce offers the divorcing couple more control over the divorce process. A qualified mediator such as Lesa Koski will help to empower both spouses to feel a greater sense of control over the process. And a good mediator will demonstrate the flexibility to reach agreement easier than traditional court processes can.

Divorce Mediation is Confidential

Lesa Koski abides by the law to provide confidentiality to the members of the couple who are divorcing. Lesa will help you, your divorcing partner, and any children who may be affected by the divorce to benefit from their role as a neutral third-party. In this way, Lesa can help you find the best possible solutions to the issues that need to be resolved including child custody and division of property and assets.

Experienced Divorce Mediator

The dynamics of many divorcing couples often cause them to feel anything but empowered. When we feel dis-empowered, it may also feel like our options have dwindled. Lesa Koski will help you feel more empowered to make choices that are best for you and your family. For more information about the divorce mediation process or to speak with Lesa about whether it is a viable option for you, call her at (651) 214-5057 or email her at