Can Divorce Ever Be EasyYou may have wondered if even an amicable divorce can be considered easy. In fact, divorce is widely known as one of the most stressful life events, so that does scream easy to many. The funny thing is, if you are able to navigate the terms of your divorce with a mediator, divorce may end up being easier than you might expect. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator who has devoted her entire career to helping couples solve difficult issues and navigate the divorce process successfully. She prides herself on providing her clients with the guidance and support that can allow them to say at the end of the process that their divorce was “almost easy”.

Is Mediation Easier Than Litigation?

There are many aspects of the mediation process that make it much easier than litigation. First, is the cost. Mediation costs thousands of dollars less than a court battle, mostly because you do not need to pay attorney fees. The financial burden of the divorce compounds the stress of the process. Mediation takes that burden away and gives you financial flexibility for your future. Mediation also takes a fraction of the time to complete than litigation. Instead of waiting for the schedules of attorneys and a judge to clear, you can schedule mediation sessions quickly, at times that work for you. Lesa Koski is extremely flexible with scheduling. A shorter process means that you can move forward with your life more quickly, which again, reduces the overall stress and pain you experience.

Finally, the goal of mediation is to encourage cooperation and collaboration, rather than a win/lose outcome that fosters intense conflict. For many couples, divorce comes after many months (or years) of difficult communication, high stress and conflict. Finding ways to resolve the issues in a divorce like custody, and division of joint property without increasing conflict is another huge benefit of mediation. Also, once your divorce is final and you need to adjust some aspect of your divorce agreement, you can always come back and work with a mediator once again.

Experienced Divorce Mediator in MN

So, while you may not consider a divorce “easy”, Lesa Koski can assure you that it will be easier than you expect if you partner with her. For more information about the mediation process or to speak with her about your personal circumstances, call 651-214-5057 or email Lesa is passionate about her work and would love to help you navigate the process.