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Divorce Mediation Attorney in Western Wisconsin

divorce-mediation-attorney-in-western-wisconsinIf you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you have many decisions to make about your future. Before you begin thinking about how to divide your property and valuables and how best to determine child custody, you should focus on another very important decision. How do you want to settle your divorce? You have two main options – settling your divorce via litigation or mediation. Read Full Post »

Civil Mediator Near Me

Civil Mediator Near MeLesa Koski is a highly trained civil mediator with extensive experience helping individuals reach agreements that allow them to move forward with their lives. The hallmark of civil mediation is swift action – most civil cases are resolved in the course of just one day. You do not have to wait for court time or juggle attorney schedules. Civil mediation allows you to settle your dispute quickly, often with significantly less conflict than a court battle. Lesa Koski, as a trained mediator and civil lawyer, can…
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Best Minnesota Divorce Mediator

Best Minnesota Divorce MediatorLesa Koski is an experience and trusted divorce mediator, whose goal is to help couples navigate divorce with minimal conflict. As society changes, so too do our attitudes about such things as divorce. Divorce is not only a more common occurrence in our society, it has become more accepted. As a result, the process of getting a divorce has changed. Couples no longer must employ lawyers and fight it out in the court system. Divorce mediation has become a viable option for settling aspects of a divorce without a court battle. In Fact, Minnesota courts have court ordered couples to go to mediation. Couples who work with Lesa Koski find that their interests are well represented, their positions understood, and their conflicts more likely to be resolved. Lesa Koski focuses on fairness and good communication to help couples find their way forward. Read Full Post »

Domestic Partners Separation

Domestic Partners SeparationIf you and your domestic partner have decided to separate, the details can be just as complex and emotionally difficult as if you were dissolving a marriage. Just like a married couple, you may be faced with untangling a long life together and need to determine how best to divide your belongings, financial assets and debts. Read Full Post »

Civil Mediation Stillwater, MN

Civil Mediation Stillwater, MNWhen people think of divorce, they often believe they need to turn to hiring an attorney to represent them. They believe hiring separate attorneys to wrangle over child custody and support, maintenance, assets and anything else they care about, even the dog, is the only way to go about the process. But, this in fact, is not. When you choose to hire an attorney during divorce, it’s high stakes poker. It will only equate in legal fees, judges decisions, poor decisions for kids and stress. Read Full Post »

Divorce & Civil Co-Mediation Services Afton MN

Divorce & Civil Co-Mediation Services Afton MNWhen you’re going through a divorce or separation, the last thing you want to do is you’re your life more complicated, more conflict-fueled, and more stressful. How can you decrease all of these negative effects of separation? By working through the process with a mediator or team of mediators. Rather than working with a divorce or family law attorney, you can come to agreements in your divorce or separation that do not have to be settled in a courtroom or by two lawyers who are working against each other. Instead, begin your new life with the help of a neutral third party, who will help you find compromises and legally equitable solutions to questions about property division, child custody, child support, alimony, and more. Lesa Koski is a mediation expert serving Afton, Lake Elmo, Lakeland, Maplewood, North St. Paul and Oakdale, Minnesota, and she can help you create an agreement that works for you. Read Full Post »