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Minnesota Civil Mediator

Minnesota Civil MediatorLesa Koski is a trusted and experienced Minnesota Civil Mediator. She helps parties with a dispute resolve it without going to court. Dating back to the days before she earned her law degree, Lesa proved herself a willing ear for friends in need of emotional, psychological, and practical help. So eventually becoming a Minnesota civil mediator was part of a logical progression in her life. Disputes that rise to the level of needing mediation or legal assistance can be difficult, stressful, and a challenging time of your lives. If their experience is exacerbated by the traditional court system, working with adversarial attorneys who are more interested in winning a case than finding viable solutions for everyone who is affected by the conflict, the stress of the situation only gets worse. Read Full Post »

Solve Disputes without going to Court in Minnesota

Solve Disputes without going to Court in MinnesotaThe court system is not built to settle every single legal dispute that arises between two parties. Attorneys’ schedules and court room schedules are booked out months in advance, which can make an already contentious situation even worse. Mediation is a fast and highly effective way to solve disputes without going to court in Minnesota. The courts actually encourage individuals to seek an alternative dispute resolution before proceeding through the traditional court process. Read Full Post »

5 Reasons for Civil Mediation

5 Reasons for Civil Mediation Before addressing the top 5 reasons for civil mediation, it’s important to work from a common definition of the term. Civil mediation is the process of assisting the parties to a civil lawsuit in reaching agreement and/or resolution by using a neutral third-party instead of allowing a judge to settle the suit. Please note that judges can sometimes also serve as mediators, but for our present purposes, civil mediation refers to highly trained and professional mediators. Read Full Post »

5 Benefits of Civil Mediation over a Court Battle

5 Benefits of Civil Mediation over a Court BattleThere are many benefits to civil mediation over a court battle to settle a conflict. Lesa Koski is a trained civil mediator that can guide you through the mediation process from start to finish, lending her strong communication skills and ability to help individuals compromise to your situation. There are many advantages to civil mediation over courtroom processes, and one additional one we will provide here is Lesa Koski herself. Lesa is an expert mediator who understands the full range of advantages that civil mediation has over courtroom battles, and she has put her expertise to use for many clients. Read Full Post »

Woodbury Civil Mediation

Woodbury Civil MediationLesa Koski has been a Woodbury Civil Mediator for more than a decade. If you are involved in a civil mediation case, having help from someone with Lesa Koski’s qualifications gives you the best chance of resolving the dispute you are involved in a fair and equitable way. What Is Civil Law? In most civil mediation cases, one person has a conflict with another person or perhaps with a business or other entity. Civil mediation is separate from family law and criminal law. It is an effective means of settling disputes that occur between you and another party. Read Full Post »

Civil Mediation in MN

Civil Mediation in MNLesa Koski is a certified civil mediator in MN who can help you resolve a legal issue that has come up between you and another person or a company so that you do not have to go to court. Lesa acts as a neutral third party and will facilitate a positive and productive discussion about the issues at hand and will create a forum where compromise and open dialogue can be reached. Lesa specializes in Civil Mediation in MN, because she genuinely wants to help people find solutions to the issues they are struggling with. There are many benefits to using civil mediation. Read Full Post »