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Mediator For Unmarried Parents And Domestic Partners

Mediator For Unmarried Parents and Domestic PartnersThere are many reasons why couples decide not to get married, and this includes couples who have been together for many years or even decades. For some, the idea of marriage is an antiquated notion and for others it is an unnecessary complication to a relationship that is working fine without the legalities. This choice is very personal and, of course, just as valid as the choice to marry for other couples. Lesa Koski respects these personal choices and can help you navigate legal issues regardless of your situation. Lesa understands that the choice not to marry is not free of responsibilities, complications, and difficulties. The choice not to get married does not guarantee that your relationship will not change in the future. The process of mediation can all be done online as well.
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Should We Try Virtual Mediation?

Should We Try Virtual Mediation?Technology can be both a curse and a gift. You might feel that you and your family spend too much time tied to a computer and/or a device. That may be true. However, there are some important benefits of technology that have helped us navigate one of the most difficult years in our country’s history. Platforms like zoom and facetime have allowed us to see the faces of our friends and loved ones when we could not be together in person. In addition, technology has allowed us to continue to work and accomplish important tasks while social
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Is Virtual Divorce Mediation an Option for Me?

Is Virtual Divorce Mediation an Option for MeLesa Koski is now able to offer professional virtual divorce mediation sessions for her clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Using advanced technology and her excellent communication skills, Lesa has transformed a traditional mediation session online, so that she can meet her clients needs if they are not comfortable or able to come into her office for an in-person mediation session. This flexible new option allows you to continue to move
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Cheap Online Divorce

cheap-online-divorceThe emotional impact of a divorce is often difficult enough and when it is layered with a significant financial impact, it can seem overwhelming. If you proceed through the traditional court system, you can expect a divorce to cost you around $15,000 (national average) because you pay hourly rates to attorneys, court fees and fees to other experts hired for your case. In addition to the expense of the divorce process and because you are splitting one household into two
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No Contact Divorce Mediation

No Contact Divorce MediationWhile COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of our day to day life, we are adapting to our new normal and finding creative ways to adjust to keep people safe while continuing to move forward. Lesa Koski has been working to offer no contact divorce mediation services for her clients who want to move forward to settle the terms of their divorce. No contact divorce mediation is highly effective
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Early Neutral Evaluation

Early Neutral EvaluationAn important aspect of Lesa Koski’s law practice is Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE).  Early neutral evaluation is a process employed by a qualified neutral administrator, such as Lesa Koski, who works to resolve disputes between divorcing partners.  In matters of divorce, early neutral evaluation typically appears as either financial early neutral evaluation or social early neutral evaluation.  In all cases, it is important for you to be represented by a professional with the experience and knowledge of Minnesota law. Read Full Post »