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Divorce Attorney Woodbury MN

Divorce Attorney Woodbury MNAn obvious truth of divorce is that it is one of the more stressful experiences. Even when it is not unexpected, the reality of divorce greets people like a slap in the face. The severity of many aspects of divorce cannot be diminished. But some can. Those aspects of divorce that can be lessened in severity often begin with an individual or a couple choosing to work with an advocate, such as a divorce attorney or mediator, who inspires confidence. Read Full Post »

Divorce Lawyers Woodbury Minnesota

Divorce Lawyers Woodbury MinnesotaYou may be surprised to learn that divorce lawyers can serve several different functions during a divorce proceeding, depending on how the couple chooses to end their marriage. Modern assumptions of a divorce generally conjure up images of two contentious attorneys on opposite sides of a courtroom, battling over child custody issues and division of property. Read Full Post »

Attorney for Divorce

Attorney for DivorceSome life experiences—the death of a loved-one; the loss of a job; moving from one part of the country to another; a difficult or life-threatening illness—are understood to be significantly more stressful than day-to-day stress.  Divorce has a secure place among those most stressful life events.  If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, the next step is to identify an attorney who will represent your interests and provide you with the support Read Full Post »

Certified Divorce Attorney

certified-divorce-attorneyThe average couple spends about 2 full years contemplating divorce before actually making the final decision. And the divorce process can take several months at the very best.  Lesa Koski is a certified divorce attorney who can help you and your divorcing spouse settle your divorce while minimizing the stress for all involved. As your divorce attorney, Lesa will work on your behalf to settle your divorce based on your priorities. Read Full Post »

Divorce Mediation Attorney in Western Wisconsin

divorce-mediation-attorney-in-western-wisconsinIf you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you have many decisions to make about your future. Before you begin thinking about how to divide your property and valuables and how best to determine child custody, you should focus on another very important decision. How do you want to settle your divorce? You have two main options – settling your divorce via litigation or mediation. Read Full Post »

Maplewood, MN Divorce Attorney

Maplewood, MN Divorce AttorneyThe divorce process can be an emotional and difficult time for all involved. When you find yourself reaching the point that you are ready to separate, you have most likely been unhappy in your marriage for a long period of time. Navigating the process of the divorce may be an unwelcome but necessary step toward your future. Partnering with a strong divorce attorney can go a long way toward making the process smooth and fast. Read Full Post »