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How Does Divorce Coaching Differ From Divorce Mediation?

How Does Divorce Coaching Differ From Divorce MediationIf you spend any time with Lesa Koski, you will quickly understand that she has a true passion and gift for mediation. Lesa Koski simply loves being a mediator. She understands that divorce can be near the top of the list of life’s most difficult experiences, and she works carefully and compassionately to minimize the negative impact that so often comes with divorce. Her energy and her compassion in combination with her professional training
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Trusted Divorce Coach in MN

Trusted Divorce Coach in MNGoing through a divorce on your own can be difficult. From the financial worries to the mental stress, it is never a bad idea to have some help around you throughout the process. If you are in the Minnesota area, the Lea Koski is just the partner for you. Lea is a trusted divorce coach that can help you through any hurdle that may come your way during the divorce.
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No Contact Divorce Mediation

No Contact Divorce MediationWhile COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of our day to day life, we are adapting to our new normal and finding creative ways to adjust to keep people safe while continuing to move forward. Lesa Koski has been working to offer no contact divorce mediation services for her clients who want to move forward to settle the terms of their divorce. No contact divorce mediation is highly effective
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File for Divorce Virtually in MN & WI

File for Divorce Virtually in MN & WIWith the latest news about the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering whether normal legal operations can continue during this uncertain time. If you are in the process of filing for divorce in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you should know that you can still proceed. Lesa Koski is a divorce attorney and family mediator and has turned her attention to helping families understand how this impacts their case and to continuing to navigate the divorce process.
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Individual Divorce Support

Individual Divorce SupportEvery divorce is entirely unique. You and your ex have a unique set of issues, concerns and circumstances that shaped your married relationship and that will also shape your divorce. Settling the terms of your divorce is also different for all couples. Depending on the dynamic in your relationship, individual divorce support might be an excellent resource for you. Lesa Koski is a trained and experienced divorce mediator in Woodbury, MN who also offers individual divorce support services. Lesa will help you find ways to minimize conflict and stay out of the courts while solving the terms of your divorce.
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Divorce Coaching in Woodbury MN

Divorce Coaching in Woodbury MNIt is well known that getting divorced is a major source of life stress. Its impact on many people who go through divorce is similar to experiencing a death in the family, a catastrophic illness, the loss of a job, or moving to a new part of the country without a built-in support network. Divorce can be, and often is, extremely hard. But just as each of the major sources of stress listed above can be lessened with various strategies, so too can the stress of divorce. Read Full Post »