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Signs You Are Ready For Divorce

Signs You Are Ready For DivorceDivorcing your spouse is one of the most significant decisions that you will make in your lifetime. It is a major life change that is ranked up there in terms of stress level with a death of a loved one, a major illness or a big move. For this kind of decision, you need to know that you are ready for what comes next. Here are some signs that you are ready to move forward with a divorce:
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Can Divorce Ever Be Easy?

Can Divorce Ever Be EasyYou may have wondered if even an amicable divorce can be considered easy. In fact, divorce is widely known as one of the most stressful life events, so that does scream easy to many. The funny thing is, if you are able to navigate the terms of your divorce with a mediator, divorce may end up being easier than you might expect. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator who has devoted her entire career to helping couples solve difficult issues and navigate
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Is Virtual Divorce Mediation an Option for Me?

Is Virtual Divorce Mediation an Option for MeLesa Koski is now able to offer professional virtual divorce mediation sessions for her clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Using advanced technology and her excellent communication skills, Lesa has transformed a traditional mediation session online, so that she can meet her clients needs if they are not comfortable or able to come into her office for an in-person mediation session. This flexible new option allows you to continue to move
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Cheap Online Divorce

cheap-online-divorceThe emotional impact of a divorce is often difficult enough and when it is layered with a significant financial impact, it can seem overwhelming. If you proceed through the traditional court system, you can expect a divorce to cost you around $15,000 (national average) because you pay hourly rates to attorneys, court fees and fees to other experts hired for your case. In addition to the expense of the divorce process and because you are splitting one household into two
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Virtual Post Divorce Mediation

Virtual Post Divorce MediationIn an uncertain time when so many things in our lives have grinded to a halt, some essential services are still functioning. Lesa Koski is a trusted local mediator that has transitioned her practice to virtual mediation services, offering post-divorce mediation to families whose divorce is final, but conflict still remains. During the COVID-19 pandemic when families are together more than ever, Lesa has found that virtual mediation services can help resolve issues quickly with less stress.
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Unmarried Partner Mediator

Unmarried Partner MediatorLesa Koski offers comprehensive mediation services to couples in St. Paul, MN, including unmarried partners. Our society traditionally thinks of mediation as a tool for married couples moving toward a divorce. However, this service is not reserved only for couples who have followed the time-honored tradition of legal marriage. As our society has changed, we are finding that those who have chosen to follow a less traditional path in their relationships also have a need for mediation services.
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