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Finding the Right Divorce Mediator

Finding the Right Divorce MediatorIn the midst of a divorce, the many different decisions that you are forced to make can be overwhelming. One very important decision to make early in the process is who you will work with to mediate your divorce. In the state of Minnesota, the court actually encourages all couples that have decided to divorce to attempt to settle the terms using an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tool Read Full Post »

Mediation for Unmarried Couples

Domestic Partners MediationIf you and your partner are separating after being together for several years, you’ll likely face the challenge of splitting up your property fairly, including assets and debts acquired during your partnership. In addition, if there are children involved, a separation can become even more complicated, making it difficult for unmarried couples to reach an agreement about child support, child custody, housing, and more. Read Full Post »

Domestic Partners Mediation in Stillwater

domestic-partners-mediation-servicesDomestic partnerships aren’t exactly simple to dissolve. While divorces are more legally binding, domestic partnerships can be just as complicated – if not more complicated – to untangle. If you and your partner are separating from a domestic partnership, you’ll likely need help working through the legal aspects of your separation. Read Full Post »

Family Legal Help

LesaKoskiLaw_LogoDivorce is a difficult experience for the adults who are going through it, and we should never forget that it is likely to be even more difficult for children of divorce. Children count on their parents to help them understand the world around them, and when something confusing and scary like divorce occurs, they will need your reassurance. But if you are not prepared to help them—either because of the confusion your divorce is causing you or because of legal issues with which you have no direct experience—a qualified mediator or family lawyer like Lesa Koski will be essential to helping you solve those problems. Lesa Koski is a lawyer who can provide either family law services or mediation services for the community of Woodbury, MN. If you are going through a divorce, or have recently finalized a divorce, and you have issues of a legal nature that are affecting your family, you should strongly consider contacting Lesa Koski. Her vast expertise in the area of Family Law means that she will almost certainly be able to help you with the issues you are dealing with. Read Full Post »

Divorce Mediation Expert

Divorce Mediator MNWhen you’re going through a divorce, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Not only are there many other couples who are struggling through a divorce, there are resources available to you that can help make your divorce easier for everyone involved. If you’re looking for a divorce mediator in Hudson, Afton, Woodbury, or Stillwater, MN, Lesa Koski may be the professional mediator you need. With years of experience offering divorce mediation services to couples who want to avoid the court system and settle their divorce quickly, Lesa can help make sure that you work through your divorce in the way that you want. She’ll walk you through the divorce process, help ensure that you reach a fair divorce agreement, and help solve any complications or conflicts that arise during the mediation process. With Lesa’s help, you’ll be able to look back at your divorce without regrets knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to make it a smooth divorce for you, your partner, and your children. Read Full Post »

Female Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation HelpGoing through a divorce is oftentimes one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. It is usually paired with heavy emotions and complicated issues such as child custody and separating assets. Although divorce isn’t uncommon, it doesn’t make it any easier, and when you are going through a hard time, it is good to have a third person mediator to help the process move forward in a smoother manner.

Lesa Koski is a female divorce mediator outside of Woodbury Minnesota, who became interested in mediation more than 15 years ago while going to law school. When you work with Lesa she is here to provide you with the help you need to make your divorce stress-less and pain free. When you work with Lesa she helps communication, trust, and compromise. Read Full Post »