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Female Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation HelpGoing through a divorce is oftentimes one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. It is usually paired with heavy emotions and complicated issues such as child custody and separating assets. Although divorce isn’t uncommon, it doesn’t make it any easier, and when you are going through a hard time, it is good to have a third person mediator to help the process move forward in a smoother manner.

Lesa Koski is a female divorce mediator outside of Woodbury Minnesota, who became interested in mediation more than 15 years ago while going to law school. When you work with Lesa she is here to provide you with the help you need to make your divorce stress-less and pain free. When you work with Lesa she helps communication, trust, and compromise. Read Full Post »

Divorce Mediator Hudson

Mediated Divorce AttorneyGoing through a divorce is oftentimes one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. It brings stress, hardship, and many emotions to the table and can be difficult to sort through on your own. Going through a divorce often involves financial separations, and negotiating over custody of children. When you are going through a divorce you often want to consult with two different people either a Neutral Divorce Mediator, or an attorney and sometimes both. So how do you choose and what is the benefit of a Neutral Divorce Mediator? Read Full Post »

Domestic Partners Mediation

domestic-partners-mediation-servicesBuilding a life with someone does not always involve marriage. And that means that when you choose to separate from your partner, you won’t be going through the typical divorce process. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no outlet to help you create a separation agreement that will allow you and your former partner to move on with your lives. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator for domestic partners in Afton, Lake Elmo, Lakeland, Maplewood, North St. Paul and Oakdale, Minnesota, which means she helps separating couples create compromises and find solutions to problems that seem daunting – especially when there’s no specific process (like divorce) to guide the way. Read Full Post »

Hudson Divorce Attorney

Family & Divorce Mediator serving Stillwater, Woodbury, & HudsonFamily law can be a very complicated and sensitive matter, and when you are seeking an attorney to help you, you want to choose someone you trust. Lesa Koski is a Wisconsin family lawyer that is here to serve her community of Hudson Wisconsin and work with you in a compassionate and professional manner.

With a B.S. in communication, a M.S. in Health and Human Services and a law degree from William Mitchell, Lesa is hardworking, and is dedicated to serving her clients with the utmost respect and quick and smooth communication. Located in Bayport, she is happy to serve the Twin Cities Metro area, Stillwater, Woodbury and surrounding areas. With a 30 minute free consultation, she can help point you in the right direction and either serve as your mediator or your family lawyer. Read Full Post »

Mediator for a Divorce

StillwaterIf you and your spouse have decided that divorce is the your path forward, you likely have many questions and concerns about how you and your family will navigate the process and move ahead in a healthy way. It is a myth that a divorce has to be contentious, filled with conflict and bitter battles. You can choose a different path for your divorce, one that can resolve the difficult feelings of your marriage and that helps you and your family heal. Lesa Koski is a family and divorce mediator serving the Woodbury, MN area, who can help you and your divorcing spouse settle all of the difficult and unique issues in your divorce. Read Full Post »

Post-Divorce Mediation Service

Elder Law AttorneyLesa Koski understands that the finalizing of your divorce does not necessarily mean that your need for mediation ends. She is an expert in divorce mediation, and focuses on helping couples both during and after divorce. If you live in the Stillwater, MN area and need help working through an issue with your former spouse, you can count on Lesa to use her experience and expertise before, during, and after your divorce. Read Full Post »