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Woodbury Elder Law Attorney in Minnesota

Woodbury Elder Law Attorney in MinnesotaMultiple research studies indicate that more and more adult children are serving as the primary caretakers for their parents. These studies also indicate that the stress experienced by those adult-children caretakers can have a significant and negative impact on their health. Caring for a loved-one has its own costs, regardless of one’s willingness to provide it or the feelings of love and positive obligation that inform it. Read Full Post »

Expert Elder Law Attorney in Minnesota

Expert Elder Law Attorney in MinnesotaIf you are getting older, or if you are caring for your parents or a loved one who is aging, Lesa Koski can be of great help as you prepare for the later stages of life. Lesa Koski is an expert elder law attorney in Minnesota. Lesa’s expertise extends to all of the main areas of elder law, including the following: Healthcare Directives, Medical Assistance, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning, Conservatorships, etc. Benefit from her experience with MN Elder Law.
Healthcare directives are also called living wills and serve as an individual’s specific wishes about what should be done in response to a wide range of health concerns if or when that individual is no longer able to make health-related… Read Full Post »

Conservatorship in Minnesota

Conservatorship in MinnesotaThe law in Minnesota related to conservatorships and guardianships can differ from similar laws in other states, which means that if you need to set up a conservatorship in Minnesota, it is important to work with an attorney who understands the law as it pertains to our state. Lesa Koski is an attorney with expertise in conservatorships and in the nuances of Minnesota law. Read Full Post »

Healthcare Directive Attorney Hudson

Healthcare Directive Attorney HudsonA healthcare directive can provide you and your family a sense of security, and Lesa Koski is a healthcare directive attorney who can provide further assurance that your healthcare directive meets your specific needs.  No one ever wants to have to use a healthcare directive, but life’s unpredictability means that it is in our best interests to plan for the unexpected.  When an unexpected health issue becomes reality Read Full Post »

Elder Law Attorney Western WI

class=”alignnone” title=”Western WI Elder Law Attorney”>Elder Law Attorney Western WILesa Koski is an elder law attorney who has extensive knowledge and experience in Wisconsin law as it applies to our loved ones who are getting older. During her career, Lesa Koski has made herself an expert in providing legal advocacy for elderly people and their loved-ones who have responsibility for their care. As an elder law attorney Read Full Post »

Setting Up Power Of Attorney Documents

Setting Up Power Of Attorney DocumentsAs the aging population in the United States continues to grow it is beneficial to understand some of the ways in which to assist elders to age respectfully. Setting up power of attorney documents (POA) is a great way for families to prepare for problems down the road. As an experienced Elder Law Attorney, Lesa Koski provides compassionate and complete legal services to allow seniors to live with dignity and independence. A power of attorney allows a trusted family member or loved one to make decisions when…
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