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ConservatorshipIn some legal cases when an individual cannot care for him/herself and/or manage his or her finances, the court can appoint a conservator to act as a responsible party on their behalf. This is most often a result of illness, injury, or some other type of disability. A conservator focuses their efforts on taking care of someone’s finances – not their healthcare or non-monetary decisions. Read Full Post »

Health Care Directive Woodbury, MN

 Woodbury Health Care Directive AttorneyGoing through each stage of your life, you’ve take certain steps to ensure you’re planning for your future. You plan for college, save up money to buy a home, plan for your retirement, and save for your children. As you move past retirement age, the next phase of planning brings you to elder law. Elder law can be confusing and trying, and everyone will want to plan for their future differently. Read Full Post »

Elder Law Services Maplewood

Elder Law ServicesWhen you hire any attorney, you want to be sure you’re getting someone with enough experience to do the job right and well, but you also have to think about what exactly you need and want from an attorney. Particularly when it comes to elder law, it’s imperative that you have a lawyer you can trust to look out for the best interest of you or your elderly relatives. Lesa Koski is an experienced elder law attorney for Afton, Lake Elmo, Lakeland, Maplewood, North St. Paul and Oakdale, MN residents, and she can help you work through a number of elder law services, including planning and after-death legal affairs. She tackles tricky topics like medical assistance planning, powers of attorney, guardianship, health care directives, and conservatorship. Read Full Post »

Elder law issues

Elder law issues are vast and deep. When adult children are working to steer their elderly parents in the right direction, Elder Law Attorney Lesa Koski of Stillwater, MN is here to help. Lesa Koski is dedicated to serving the Elderly in the Woodbury, Bayport, Stillwater and surrounding areas. However, Elder Law attorney Lesa Koski has children of clients calling from all over the United States to assist with parents residing in Minnesota. Having an Elder Law attorney like Lesa Koski eases the mind of children when they are not in close proximity to their aging parents. Read Full Post »

Elder Law Attorney Woodbury

Elder Law AttorneyWhen most people hear “family lawyer,” they often think of parenting issues and divorce attorneys, but family law is something that encompasses a wide range of family issues on top of these. Elder law is often included in the legal issues family attorneys handle, which is usually best for everyone. Especially when elders are involved, planning for the future can be complicated, seem daunting, and be challenging, emotionally. Preparing for your loved ones to get older isn’t just about mental and emotional preparation, though; it’s about being set, financially and legally, to care for your family as they get older and can no longer care for themselves. Lesa Koski is a specialist in family law, working as an elder law attorney in Woodbury, MN to help families work through the complex issues involved in elder law. Read Full Post »