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Female Family Law Mediator

Female Family Law MediatorFamily issues and conflict have certainly not disappeared just because we have been going through a global pandemic. In fact, for some families, the stress of the pandemic has made already stressful and high conflict situations even more difficult. There are ways to resolve the family issues you are facing, with help, support and guidance. Lesa Koski is a family law mediator who has dedicated her career to helping families navigate difficult issues with less conflict
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Do Courts Support Virtual Divorce Filing?

Do Courts Support Virtual Divorce FilingThis has been a year filled with stress, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. Families have been under significant strain and for many, this stress is on top of already existing problems. If you were considering separating or moving toward divorce before the pandemic, you may have put your plans on hold as we all hunkered down and limited our risk of exposure. You may be surprised to learn that the Minnesota and Wisconsin’s court systems are actually encouraging couples
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Mediation Services in 2021

Mediation Services in 2021A new year fills us with the promise of hope. Especially after a rough 2020, many of us are looking forward to a clean slate, the end of fellow Americans suffering from COVID-19, the end of restrictions from the pandemic, and a potential return to normal life. Others may see the promise of 2021 as a time to finally make some much needed life changes as well. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator serving those in Minnesota and Wisconsin and can help you navigate issues like divorce
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Compassionate Divorce Mediation Services In Ca

Compassionate Divorce Mediation Services In CaWhen you have a conflict within your family unit, it can be extremely difficult on all involved. Going through the courts to resolve it can unfortunately add fuel to the fire so to speak, often adding additional stress and conflict to an already sensitive issue. Mediation is uniquely suited to help families resolve these types of issues, often reducing the conflict and encouraging collaboration. Mediation also allows for compassion, trust, communication and understanding in a
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Important Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Important Benefits of Divorce MediationDivorce mediation is an alternative that more and more divorcing couples are choosing as a tool to settle the terms of their divorce. Until the last several decades, the only option for couples who decided to divorce was to proceed through the courts. That process almost always required hiring expensive attorneys and waiting for long periods of time for their cases to be heard. Meanwhile, the costs incurred by divorcing couples rose because lawyers tend to be expensive
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Virtual Divorce Mediation Sessions

Minnesota Virtual Mediation SessionsLesa Koski offers comprehensive divorce mediation services and has developed a reputation for being kind, compassionate, and competent in the delivery of these mediation services. A new addition to the list of mediation services she offers is Virtual Mediation. We have all experienced a significant change in our society in just a few short months. How we perform many of the daily and weekly functions of life during an international health crisis
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