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Divorced Parenting Support in St Paul

Divorced Parenting Support in St Paul When you get a divorce, it is hard to imagine building a new relationship with your ex. However, that is essentially what you need to do in order to effectively and successfully co-parent. Divorce is not the end of your relationship with your ex if you share children. Instead, it is the beginning of a new type of relationship, for the benefit of your children. This transition can be difficult and Lesa Koski, an experienced mediator in St Paul
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Family Law Divorce Mediation in Afton, Minnesota

Family Law Divorce Mediation in Afton, MinnesotaFamily matters can be extremely sensitive and when an issue comes up that needs to be decided by the court, emotions can quickly rise. Mediation is a tool that can be used to settle an issue related to family law without having to navigate the traditional court system, which can very quickly pin two members of the same family against each other. Lesa Koski specializes in family law mediation services in Afton, Minnesota and can help you find resolution without an expensive court battle.
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Mediation Services Near Afton, MN

Mediation Services Near Afton, MNDivorce remains a common part of American life. Despite our best intentions and high hopes, still more than fifty percent of married couples end up getting divorced. Lesa Koski provides expert mediation services in Afton, Minnesota.

Our society once looked on divorced people with a bit of shame. Fortunately, now the tide is turning so that while divorce may still
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Experienced Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Experienced Divorce Lawyer Near Me We should always be careful when we use absolute statements because the world is full of exceptions and unexpected occurrences. However, it is probably safe to say that no one has ever entered a marriage knowing that it would end in divorce. Marriage is part of the storytelling part of modern life, a fairytale that we all buy into. Sadly, many marriages do end in divorce. If you are in a marriage that is heading for divorce, you feel intense sadness, shock, anger, disbelief and wonder how to move forward. Lesa Koski is a local divorce lawyer in Woodbury, MN who can help you find your way forward.
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Post-Divorce Mediator

Post-Divorce MediatorWhen you are headed into a divorce, it is easy to think that once the divorce itself is finalized, your connection with your former spouse will end and your painful past will be a distant memory. For couples who share children, however, life after divorce is not that simple. In fact, divorce can be seen as simply the beginning of a new phase of your relationship with your ex. You may no longer live under
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Certified Family & Civil Mediator in Minnesota

Certified Family & Civil Mediator in MinnesotaWhen your family is experiencing something as monumental and difficult as divorce and/or the many issues that often accompany divorce, the importance of finding and working with a professional with the relevant certifications to serve the interests of you and your family cannot be overstated. Lesa Koski is a Certified Family & Civil Mediator in Minnesota. Lesa Koski is certified as a state-qualified neutral, which means that she has gone through the rigorous training to provide the most accurate information and objective mediation to families in transition. Read Full Post »