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Certified Family & Civil Mediator in Minnesota

Certified Family & Civil Mediator in MinnesotaWhen your family is experiencing something as monumental and difficult as divorce and/or the many issues that often accompany divorce, the importance of finding and working with a professional with the relevant certifications to serve the interests of you and your family cannot be overstated. Lesa Koski is a Certified Family & Civil Mediator in Minnesota. Lesa Koski is certified as a state-qualified neutral, which means that she has gone through the rigorous training to provide the most accurate information and objective mediation to families in transition. Read Full Post »

Family Mediation Services in Minnesota

Family Mediation Services in MinnesotaMediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that allows two parties to resolve complex and even difficult issues without having to go through the litigation process. Family mediation can cover issues related to divorce from your spouse or partner, child custody, child or spousal maintenance and even issues related to caring for an aging loved one. Lesa Koski is an experienced Minnesota family mediator with more than 15 years of experience helping families navigate and resolve difficult issues. Read Full Post »

Mediation Services for Unmarried Parents in Minnesota

Mediation Services for Unmarried Parents in MinnesotaDespite all that we hear about the importance of diversity and inclusion, there are still lots and lots of people in our country, for many different reasons, who feel excluded. Unmarried parents in general, and same-sex unmarried couples, often feel a lack of support from society when they discover that their relationships are struggling and/or coming to an end. Lesa Koski is doing all that she can to decrease the number of people who feel that way, and she offers mediation services for unmarried parents in Minnesota. Read Full Post »

Woodbury Lawyers | Elder, Family & Mediation MN

Woodbury Lawyers | Elder, Family & Mediation MNElder and family law is a unique and specialized area of law. It deals with issues that are extremely personal and that have a significant impact on one’s day to day life. Lesa Koski has devoted her entire legal career to elder and family law and mediation in Woodbury, MN, in part because of her deep compassion for individuals and families. She brings great care, empathy and knowledge of Minnesota law to each case she takes on and uses her strong communication skills to help families solve complex problems. Read Full Post »

Woodbury Family Law Attorney in Minnesota

Woodbury Family Law Attorney in Minnesota Family law is an area of law that focuses on family and children. Common practice areas include divorce, annulment, child custody, visitation rights, child support payments, as well as spousal support (also known as alimony). Lesa Koski is an experienced family lawyer serving the community of Woodbury, Minnesota, who can help you and your family sort out the legal issues that you face. Read Full Post »

Early Neutral Evaluation Near Me

Early Neutral Evaluation Near MeThe essence of an early neutral evaluation is the neutrality provided by a third-party, most often a mediator, who reviews the evidence of your case and listens to the positions taken by the people involved before providing an evaluation of the matter. Lesa Koski offers the service known as ‘early neutral evaluation’ to clients who may benefit from her expertise. Early neutral evaluation is an important component in the processes involved in a dispute settlement… Read Full Post »