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Are There Benefits To Completing Mediation Virtually?

Are There Benefits To Completing Mediation Virtually?Our lives have changed a great deal in the last 18 months. While many of these changes have been stressful and difficult, some of them have been helpful in reducing stress, reducing how much time you spend racing around from one thing to the next. Virtual meetings were rare before COVID-19 and generally were conducted over the phone if not in person. But, as many of us transitioned to working from home
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Is Virtual Divorce Mediation an Option for Me?

Is Virtual Divorce Mediation an Option for MeLesa Koski is now able to offer professional virtual divorce mediation sessions for her clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Using advanced technology and her excellent communication skills, Lesa has transformed a traditional mediation session online, so that she can meet her clients needs if they are not comfortable or able to come into her office for an in-person mediation session. This flexible new option allows you to continue to move
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Cheap Online Divorce

cheap-online-divorceThe emotional impact of a divorce is often difficult enough and when it is layered with a significant financial impact, it can seem overwhelming. If you proceed through the traditional court system, you can expect a divorce to cost you around $15,000 (national average) because you pay hourly rates to attorneys, court fees and fees to other experts hired for your case. In addition to the expense of the divorce process and because you are splitting one household into two
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Can I Get Divorced Online?

Can I Get Divorced OnlineIn the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, state and local stay at home orders and intensifying social distancing recommendations, many things about our lives have changed in a matter of weeks. However, some parts of our lives continue. For example, if you and your spouse have decided it is time to end your marriage, you may wonder whether you are able to continue the divorce process online.
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Divorce Mediation Checklist

Divorce Mediation ChecklistAs you prepare to meet with your divorce mediator, it is often helpful to think ahead about what issues might be discussed during the process. Lesa Koski is a trusted and experienced divorce mediator with her practice in South St. Paul, MN who can guide you through this process and help you meet your goals. She offers comprehensive divorce mediation and support services and provides this with compassion, efficiency and extensive knowledge of Minnesota divorce law. Divorce mediation can help you resolve all aspects of your divorce including…
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Attorney for Divorce Mediation

Attorney for Divorce MediationDivorce mediation is a highly effective way to settle the terms of a divorce without costly litigation.  It gives you and your divorcing spouse the power to make the important decisions regarding your divorce in a way that works best for you and your family. The divorce mediation process takes less time than a court battle and costs significantly less, so it can reduce the overall stress of the process. Read Full Post »