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How Do I Connect With Someone I Don’t Really Like?

How Do I Connect With Someone I Don't Really Like?Let me assist you through a disparity. Why is it difficult to communicate through a divorce, discrepancy or a mediation? It is simple, it is difficult to connect with someone you are mad at. In my last blog I talked about John Maxwell’s book, Everyone Communicates Few Connect. To connect you often need to build a relationship on common values…
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Communicating Well

Communicating WellIf you are here you are probably going through a difficult time. I am sorry and I truly want to help you. Please call or email now for a free consultation. When I go through difficult life events they feel stressful and draining; I remind myself that it is temporary and usually strengthening. You have the power to renew yourself and begin your healing journey…
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Is Virtual Divorce Mediation an Option for Me?

Is Virtual Divorce Mediation an Option for MeLesa Koski is now able to offer professional virtual divorce mediation sessions for her clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Using advanced technology and her excellent communication skills, Lesa has transformed a traditional mediation session online, so that she can meet her clients needs if they are not comfortable or able to come into her office for an in-person mediation session. This flexible new option allows you to continue to move
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No Contact Divorce Mediation

No Contact Divorce MediationWhile COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of our day to day life, we are adapting to our new normal and finding creative ways to adjust to keep people safe while continuing to move forward. Lesa Koski has been working to offer no contact divorce mediation services for her clients who want to move forward to settle the terms of their divorce. No contact divorce mediation is highly effective
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