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Maplewood, MN Divorce Attorney

Maplewood, MN Divorce AttorneyThe divorce process can be an emotional and difficult time for all involved. When you find yourself reaching the point that you are ready to separate, you have most likely been unhappy in your marriage for a long period of time. Navigating the process of the divorce may be an unwelcome but necessary step toward your future. Partnering with a strong divorce attorney can go a long way toward making the process smooth and fast. Read Full Post »

Co-Mediation Maplewood, MN

Co-Mediation Maplewood, MNDivorce is complicated and every divorce is different. If you are in the process of a divorce and have decided to pursue mediation as a mechanism for settling important issues like division of property, child custody and spousal maintenance, you might consider co-mediation. Co-mediation utilizes several experts to help you solve the most important and complex parts of your divorce. Read Full Post »