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Child Support in Minnesota

Child Support in MinnesotaWhen you get a divorce, your financial resources are no longer pooled with your spouse. If you share children, it is important to evaluate each of your individual financial situations to ensure that your kids are well taken care of, regardless of the custody arrangement. Lesa Koski is a divorce attorney and a divorce mediator specializing in settling issues surrounding child support Read Full Post »

Spousal Maintenance Mediation Stillwater, MN

Divorce is unsettling and difficult for many reasons. Your life has been intertwined with your spouse for many years. Your finances are a good example – you and your spouse may have had an understanding during your marriage that one of you would work while the other would focus on the home (and/or perhaps the children). You may be concerned about how you will live independently after divorce Read Full Post »

Domestic Partners Mediation in Stillwater

domestic-partners-mediation-servicesDomestic partnerships aren’t exactly simple to dissolve. While divorces are more legally binding, domestic partnerships can be just as complicated – if not more complicated – to untangle. If you and your partner are separating from a domestic partnership, you’ll likely need help working through the legal aspects of your separation. Read Full Post »


ConservatorshipIn some legal cases when an individual cannot care for him/herself and/or manage his or her finances, the court can appoint a conservator to act as a responsible party on their behalf. This is most often a result of illness, injury, or some other type of disability. A conservator focuses their efforts on taking care of someone’s finances – not their healthcare or non-monetary decisions. Read Full Post »