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Experienced Divorce Attorney in Woodbury, Minnesota

Experienced Divorce Attorney in Woodbury, MinnesotaLesa Koski is a Woodbury, MN divorce attorney who brings a unique combination of experience and skill to help couples and families navigate the difficult divorce process. Lesa got her law degree from William Mitchell College of Law in 2001 and has focused her career on family law and mediation. Divorce is one major area of family law and Lesa’s mission is to help families make good, sound decisions that put your family first. Lesa brings care and compassion to each and every case that she works on. She works to connect to her clients, understand their perspective, their goals and their needs so that you can tackle this process with less emotional and financial stress. Read Full Post »

Early Neutral Evaluation Woodbury, MN

Early Neutral Evaluation Woodbury, MNFamilies who are looking for a more efficient path to conflict resolution may want to consider working with an Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) professional. An experienced family law professional such as a family law attorney will serve as a neutral evaluator to address conflicts with parenting time, finances and custody. Either pathway through Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) or Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE) can provide compassionate solutions. As a Family Law Attorney, Lesa Koski provides excellent communication skills that are so very vital to the successful ENE process.

During an Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) the court may specify that each party participate in a form of Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE). The order may call for Financial ENE, Social ENE or both. Read Full Post »


ConservatorshipIn some legal cases when an individual cannot care for him/herself and/or manage his or her finances, the court can appoint a conservator to act as a responsible party on their behalf. This is most often a result of illness, injury, or some other type of disability. A conservator focuses their efforts on taking care of someone’s finances – not their healthcare or non-monetary decisions. Read Full Post »

Health Care Directive Woodbury, MN

 Woodbury Health Care Directive AttorneyGoing through each stage of your life, you’ve take certain steps to ensure you’re planning for your future. You plan for college, save up money to buy a home, plan for your retirement, and save for your children. As you move past retirement age, the next phase of planning brings you to elder law. Elder law can be confusing and trying, and everyone will want to plan for their future differently. Read Full Post »