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Elder Law Attorney Woodbury

Elder Law AttorneyWhen most people hear “family lawyer,” they often think of parenting issues and divorce attorneys, but family law is something that encompasses a wide range of family issues on top of these. Elder law is often included in the legal issues family attorneys handle, which is usually best for everyone. Especially when elders are involved, planning for the future can be complicated, seem daunting, and be challenging, emotionally. Preparing for your loved ones to get older isn’t just about mental and emotional preparation, though; it’s about being set, financially and legally, to care for your family as they get older and can no longer care for themselves. Lesa Koski is a specialist in family law, working as an elder law attorney in Woodbury, MN to help families work through the complex issues involved in elder law. Read Full Post »

Divorce Support Services for Individuals

When you’re going through a divorce, it can sometimes feel like you’re absolutely alone. You’re separating from your spouse, who’s likely been by your side up until now, and this can be a strange and trying adjustment for anyone. Regardless of whether you’re seeking the divorce yourself or are still coping with the reality of your divorce, sometimes you just need someone who can listen and understand your individual challenges and hardships. Lesa Koski offers divorce support services in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, including Woodbury and Stillwater, MN and Hudson, WI. As a mediation and family law professional, Lesa understands the complex nature of divorce and can help you work through the more difficult aspects so that you never feel alone throughout the process. Read Full Post »

Mediation To Settle Your Divorce

Divorce MediatorThe Minnesota court system strongly encourages couples who are entering into a divorce to participate in an ADR process (Alternative Dispute Resolution) before appearing in court. This is largely because a court battle taxes many resources, including the state’s court system. Mediation is an ideal choice because it offers an inexpensive and highly effective method for settling difficult and complex issues such as division of property, assets and debts, parenting agreements (also known as custody agreements) and child/spousal support payments. Lesa Koski is an experienced divorce mediator that specializes in providing divorce mediation for couples in the Stillwater, MN area. Lesa can help you and your divorcing spouse identify your unique priorities for settling your divorce so that you can move forward with minimal conflict and the best outcome for your family. Read Full Post »

Divorce Mediation By Me

Elder Law AttorneyDivorce mediation has become a very popular and effective tool that couples can use to settle all aspects of a divorce. In fact, in the state of Minnesota, the court system actually encourages couples to try a form of mediation before they enter the court system. Mediation is intended to be a collaborative process in which a neutral, third party (a mediator) helps facilitate discussion about key issues such as division of assets, property and debt, development of a custody arrangement (also known as a parenting agreement) and even the necessity for child/spousal support payments. Lesa Koski is an experienced and trusted mediator based in Stillwater, MN, who also serves couples in the Woodbury area. Lesa’s strong communication skills, empathetic nature and collaborative approach make her ideally suited to help couples facing divorce in the MN area. Read Full Post »

Post-Divorce Mediation Services MN

Divorce MediationWhen you are in the midst of a divorce, it is very difficult to look ahead and see how your life will unfold once the divorce is final. You may be able to imagine and looking forward to living separately and getting away from negative and even unhealthy habits that have formed in this relationship. But, many couples who are in the midst of divorce have difficulty imagining how they will interact post-divorce. The fact is, however, that a divorce, in many cases, is the beginning of an entirely new phase of a relationship. While you may no longer live together, you may always be connected by children, or other familial relationships. Lesa Koski is a Minnesota family lawyer that offers comprehensive mediation services, including the very important post-divorce mediation. Read Full Post »

Child Support Mediation

Support MediatorDivorce is known to be one of the most stressful life events, along the same lines as a death in the family, a job loss, or a sudden move or illness. Divorcing couples entered into their marriage with hopes and dreams for a long life together and have to come to grips with a new reality. Couples must deal with the loss of this hope and major life changes. The process of settling the terms of a divorce can add additional stress to an already tense and volatile situation, particularly when it comes to issues surrounding the children in the marriage. Child support is one area that often causes great conflict in a divorce settlement. Rather than increasing the animosity and conflict of the divorce by trying to settle these important issues in a long and costly court battle, divorce mediation offers a less expensive and less stressful mechanism for resolution. Lesa Koski specializes in divorce mediation for those in the Stillwater, Hudson and Woodbury areas and can help you and your soon to be ex-spouse come up with a reasonable plan for child support. Read Full Post »