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Tips For Reducing The Stress Of Your Divorce

Tips For Reducing The Stress Of Your DivorceThere is no denying the fact that getting a divorce is extremely stressful for all involved. There is no way to anticipate what it will feel like, so the best strategy is to go through the process with your eyes open, looking forward (not back) and focusing on reducing the stress where you can. Here are some tips for finding ways to lessen the stress as you navigate the divorce process
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Virtual Divorce Mediation In 2021

Virtual Mediation In 2021Lesa Koski, founder of a family and civil mediation practice in Stillwater, MN, believes in silver linings. In fact, much of the value and benefit of divorce mediation is based on these silver linings. The dark cloud of a relationship that went awry and resulted in divorce can linger for a long time and have a profound effect on the people involved. Divorce mediation is often the silver lining that shows the divorcing couple that
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Coping With The End Of Your Marriage

Coping With The End Of Your Marriage The benefits of divorce mediation are better known than ever before, but we still want to inform people who do not understand that there is a more affordable and less painful option available to them. The decision to divorce one’s spouse can come out of nowhere, especially when one spouse discovers that the other spouse is having an extramarital affair. While we never pass judgment on people who decide to seek divorce
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Online Divorce Options

Online Divorce OptionsOur world has changed a great deal in the last year and being forced by a global health crisis to stay home for longer periods of time has only served to heighten the tensions and conflict that some couples are experiencing. Many couples, in fact, assume that they are unable to seek divorce services during the pandemic. This may lead to a delay in their decision to divorce and create an unhealthy and difficult living situation. Lesa Koski is a professional divorce mediator in Minnesota who is now offering online divorce options
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Post-Divorce Mediation Expert

Post-Divorce Mediation Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator who wants her clients to understand and be prepared for every possibility related to the divorce process. She will spend time and effort helping her clients understand everything from the mechanics of divorce mediation to its relationship with traditional court-based divorce processes to the emotional and psychological processes
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Professional Divorce Mediation in MN

Professional Divorce Mediation in MNA divorce doesn’t mean that the couple has to battle things out aggressively in court. While you may have heard some horror stories around the divorce process, Lesa Koski, is here to provide professional divorce mediation services in MN that focus on getting the individuals to work through a fair divorce agreement peacefully.

Going through a divorce can be a very private process where your deepest secrets are revealed.
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