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Minnesota Spousal Maintenance Mediation

Minnesota Spousal Maintenance MediationWhen you divorce, many things change. Your financial situation is one aspect of your life that must be sorted through and divided equitably. In addition to the division of joint property, assets and debts, you may also need to consider spousal maintenance for your case. Spousal maintenance is also known as alimony, and it is the income or financial support that is legally granted by the courts from one spouse to the other. Lesa Koski is a Minnesota divorce mediator who can help divorcing couples resolve many difficult issues including the determination of spousal maintenance payments. Read Full Post »

Spousal Maintenance Mediation Stillwater, MN

Divorce is unsettling and difficult for many reasons. Your life has been intertwined with your spouse for many years. Your finances are a good example – you and your spouse may have had an understanding during your marriage that one of you would work while the other would focus on the home (and/or perhaps the children). You may be concerned about how you will live independently after divorce Read Full Post »

Post-Divorce Mediation Service

Elder Law AttorneyLesa Koski understands that the finalizing of your divorce does not necessarily mean that your need for mediation ends. She is an expert in divorce mediation, and focuses on helping couples both during and after divorce. If you live in the Stillwater, MN area and need help working through an issue with your former spouse, you can count on Lesa to use her experience and expertise before, during, and after your divorce. Read Full Post »

Divorce Support Services for Individuals

When you’re going through a divorce, it can sometimes feel like you’re absolutely alone. You’re separating from your spouse, who’s likely been by your side up until now, and this can be a strange and trying adjustment for anyone. Regardless of whether you’re seeking the divorce yourself or are still coping with the reality of your divorce, sometimes you just need someone who can listen and understand your individual challenges and hardships. Lesa Koski offers divorce support services in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, including Woodbury and Stillwater, MN and Hudson, WI. As a mediation and family law professional, Lesa understands the complex nature of divorce and can help you work through the more difficult aspects so that you never feel alone throughout the process. Read Full Post »

Spousal Maintenance Mediator Woodbury

Mediator for post divorce issuesDivorce isn’t just painful, it can be a tricky, expensive and drawn-out process if you don’t approach the process with an open mind and a solid strategy for making it as painless as possible. For many divorcing couples, a courtroom divorce isn’t the preferred method of divorce; instead, many couples would rather go through divorce mediation to settle all of their divorce issues quickly and with as little conflict as possible. Especially when facing issues like spousal maintenance, or alimony, you’ll likely want to go through the divorce process quickly and make sure every decision made is fair to both parties. A spousal maintenance mediation specialist can help with this. Lesa Koski is just such a specialist, helping couples in Woodbury and Stillwater, Minnesota, and Hudson, Wisconsin, ensuring divorcing couples in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin have access to the mediation help they deserve. Read Full Post »

Post-Divorce Mediation Woodbury

Woodbury Divorce MediatorOnce you’ve gotten through your divorce, you’re finished, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, even the simplest divorces aren’t always the last word in a divorce. When circumstances change, when parents aren’t communicating well about their child’s needs, or when one or both parties wants to revise a part of their divorce agreement, post-divorce mediation is possible and encouraged to make the process easier. Just as divorce meditations can help make the divorce process low-conflict and cheaper than a courtroom divorce, post-divorce mediation can help divorced parents and non-parents work through post-divorce challenges with relative ease. If you need a Woodbury, MN post-divorce mediator, look no further than Lesa Koski, the Minnesota family law and mediation expert. Read Full Post »