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Post-Divorce Mediation Woodbury

Woodbury Divorce MediatorOnce you’ve gotten through your divorce, you’re finished, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, even the simplest divorces aren’t always the last word in a divorce. When circumstances change, when parents aren’t communicating well about their child’s needs, or when one or both parties wants to revise a part of their divorce agreement, post-divorce mediation is possible and encouraged to make the process easier. Just as divorce meditations can help make the divorce process low-conflict and cheaper than a courtroom divorce, post-divorce mediation can help divorced parents and non-parents work through post-divorce challenges with relative ease. If you need a Woodbury, MN post-divorce mediator, look no further than Lesa Koski, the Minnesota family law and mediation expert. Read Full Post »

Spousal Maintenance Mediation

Hudson, Stillwater, WoodburyDivorce isn’t just painful, it can be a tricky, expensive and drawn-out process if you don’t approach the process with an open mind and a solid strategy for making it as painless as possible. For many divorcing couples, a courtroom divorce isn’t the preferred method of divorce; instead, many couples would rather go through divorce mediation to settle all of their divorce issues quickly and with as little conflict as possible. Especially when facing issues like spousal maintenance, or alimony, you’ll likely want to go through the divorce process quickly and make sure every decision made is fair to both parties. A spousal maintenance mediation specialist can help with this. Lesa Koski is just such a specialist, helping couples in Woodbury and Stillwater, Minnesota, and Hudson, Wisconsin, ensuring divorcing couples in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin have access to the mediation help they deserve. Read Full Post »

Spousal Maintenance Mediator

Spousal support, which for many is probably better known as ‘alimony,’ is a financial agreement between a divorcing couple reached either by court proceeding or by mutual consent. In the latter case, mutual consent generally occurs when a divorcing couple works with a divorce mediator to come up with a fair and equitable financial arrangement. For many couples, divorce mediation is becoming more preferable to working through the court system with lawyers representing both parties because the court system tends to be much more expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient for all involved. If you and your divorcing spouse are able to work together, the issue of spousal support may well become simpler to resolve. Lesa Koski is a trusted and experienced divorce mediator serving the Woodbury area. Read Full Post »

Divorce Support

Elder Law AttorneyMediation is a highly effective and less expensive way to settle many unresolved issues in a divorce, but there are times when both parties may not view the process in this way. If you are navigating a divorce and are having difficulty working with your soon to be ex-spouse to find solutions and common ground to move forward, you may want to partner with Lesa Koski, a state qualified neutral, who has spent her career devoted to a wide variety of aspects related to divorce and family law and mediation. If your partner is not ready or willing to move forward with mediation, Lesa can offer you individualized support to help you make decisions, look forward, and make your life better. Read Full Post »

Post-Divorce Mediation

Mediator for post divorce issuesWhen you are in the midst of a divorce, it is difficult to think about anything else. But, once the papers have been signed and the formal separation has occurred, it is important to remember that you and your ex-spouse may still share some responsibilities, particularly if children are involved. Post-divorce communication and interaction can be difficult, especially when there is disagreement or conflict. It is easy to revert back to communication patterns developed in the marriage and watch the level of conflict rise. No matter how you settled the terms of your marriage, mediation can be extremely effective for handling issues that naturally arise after a divorce is final. Lesa Koski specializes in post-divorce mediation for couples who find themselves facing additional challenges or concerns after a divorce is complete. Read Full Post »

Mediation for a Divorce

Divorce MediationNearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce. If you are facing a divorce, you have choices about how you want to settle the important aspects of separating property, assets and debt, developing a parenting plan and tackling the issue of child and/or spousal support. The state of Minnesota encourages divorcing couples to pursue mediation to settle your divorce over the traditional court-based, more adversarial system. Mediation is less expensive, takes less time and creates less additional conflict than a court battle. Lesa Koski offers strong and responsive mediation services to those in the community of Stillwater, MN who have decided to divorce. The process of seeking and finalizing a divorce is not only time-consuming, emotionally wrenching, and financially burdensome, it is also complicated and stressful. Lesa can help reduce the stress associated with the divorce process so that you can move forward with your life in a healthy way. Read Full Post »