cheap-online-divorceThe emotional impact of a divorce is often difficult enough and when it is layered with a significant financial impact, it can seem overwhelming. If you proceed through the traditional court system, you can expect a divorce to cost you around $15,000 (national average) because you pay hourly rates to attorneys, court fees and fees to other experts hired for your case. In addition to the expense of the divorce process and because you are splitting one household into two, your joint income must now be able to support both households which is often difficult. Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator who understands the financial burden of a divorce and can help you navigate the process without this financial burden. Lesa can guide you through a cheap online divorce that can resolve quickly and leave you and your ex ready for your future.

Affordable Divorce Mediation Services in MN & WI

Divorce mediation is a highly effective way to resolve all issues in a divorce, including how to fairly divide your property, how to develop a child custody agreement that is workable for your family and even making the determination about whether child support and/or spousal support is necessary for your case. As your mediation specialist, Lesa Koski can facilitate mediation sessions that allow you to focus on the issues at hand in a positive and productive way. Mediation is a fraction of the cost of litigation leaving your family in a much better overall financial and emotional position. A mediation agreement is also much more likely to be successful because you and your ex have worked together to come up with a solution rather than leaving these important life decisions in the hands of a judge.

Navigate the Terms of your Divorce Virtually

During this uncertain time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lesa Koski has transitioned her professional mediation services from in-person sessions to virtual sessions. Lesa brings her excellent communication skills and her ability to build trust, goodwill and expertise in divorce law to these online sessions empowering couples to move forward with their divorce even during these unprecedented times. If you are looking for a way to cut costs, stay safe and resolve your divorce quickly, an online divorce is very likely a great solution for you. Lesa can answer any questions that you have about the process and get you started right away. For more information about moving forward with an online divorce that will help protect your financial future, call Lesa today at 651-214-5057.