Child Issues After DivorceBeing a parent is one of the most fulfilling life-long relationships. Parenting with your spouse can be challenging, but co-parenting after divorce can be even more difficult if your ex-spouse and you do not see eye to eye. If you are experiencing child issues after divorce, post-divorce mediation could provide a real solution. An experienced mediator like Lesa Koski can differentiate between a spiteful disagreement and a valid challenge to the terms of the divorce. Child related issues such as child custody and child support may require the expertise of a post-divorce mediator.

Post Divorce Mediation Services West Metro and Eastern WI

The procedures followed for post divorce mediation are very similar to other types of mediation where out of court sessions are facilitated by an unbiased mediator. Your professional mediator can often assist with a fair and meaningful agreement between both parties that would be accepted by the court. This approach works best when you enter into mediation sessions with an open mind, flexibility and the desire to do what’s best for the child.

Post-Divorce Mediation Topics

Not every issue can be rightfully addressed through the post divorce mediation process. Eligible topics may involve child custody disputes, property disputes, alimony and child support payments. Topics that arise after a divorce settlement that may not be appropriate for post-divorce mediation would center around a spiteful or petty disagreement between ex-spouses or co-parents.

Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

Successful co-parenting means that both parents share in putting the needs of the children first. Whether you are in a committed relationship, have separated or finalized a divorce, the welfare of the children must be kept front and center.

So, how do you successfully co-parent your children? You could begin by strategizing and coming up with a comprehensive parenting plan with the help of a post-divorce mediator who can provide a path to meaningful compromise that is child centered. Together you can come up with a mutually acceptable solution without having to go to court.

• Establish Boundaries
• Compromise Where Appropriate
• Communicate Productively
• Remain Respectful of the Other Parent
• Flexibility With Scheduling
• Put the Child’s Wellbeing First

Experienced Family Law Mediator Stillwater, MN

A mediator with a background in family law can be an excellent resource for when life circumstances cause friction with an ex-spouse. When issues arise around the care and wellbeing of a child, the stakes are high. A neutral, unbiased third party is better able to listen to both sides and reach a mutually beneficial outcome on matters related to custody or financial support.

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