Civil Mediation Stillwater, MNWhen people think of divorce, they often believe they need to turn to hiring an attorney to represent them. They believe hiring separate attorneys to wrangle over child custody and support, maintenance, assets and anything else they care about, even the dog, is the only way to go about the process. But, this in fact, is not. When you choose to hire an attorney during divorce, it’s high stakes poker. It will only equate in legal fees, judges decisions, poor decisions for kids and stress.

But there’s another way. Increasingly couples are turning to divorce mediation as a realistic and healthier alternative. A couple meets with a mediator to hammer out an agreement covering all the terms of their divorce, including finances and child custody. When you work with a mediator, on average it will take six to ten sessions and usually costs around $5000, rather than the average $30,000 for attorneys. As a litigator and mediator I prefer to mediate, if appropriate. It’s faster, cheaper, less angrier or bitter, which is less damaging, not just for a couple, but also their children.

Co-Mediation Services Stillwater, MN

The problem for some — and you know who you are — is that the idea of mediation still carries with it the perception that it’s too touchy-feely to work; many couples think that they will not be able to work through their problems and therefore they want to go straight to battle. In fact, it has been proven that nearly all couples who go to mediation are able to work through their issues no matter how bad they might think it is. When you are working with an experienced mediator like Lesa she can help guide couples through this process. She understands how to work with couples no matter how complex their relationship may seem, and also knows how to keep the lines of communication open.

How does mediation work?

Mediators help work out agreements for issues such as distribution of property, child custody or visitation times, child support, retirement and taxes. Although some agreements can be hard to reach, mediators are trained to help couples no matter how difficult you think your divorce may be, and this is why many people seek help from a third party. Mediators jobs are to keep the line of communication open, bring suggestions to the table that may have not been considered before, make sure the couples are realistic with their expectations, keep each other empathetic despite possible hostility and allow each person to move forward with their life.

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If you are looking for a Civil Mediator near you, then Lesa Koski is here for you. With more than 15 years of experience, she is ready to work as a neutral party to help achieve peace between the parties and help smooth out bumps in the road. She will help formulate ideas that can help the situation and make the divorce easier for both couples. Contact Lesa for a free 30 minute consultation to see what she can do for you.