civil mediator around woodburyTrying to settle a legal issue in the court system can be difficult, frustrating, expensive and time consuming. For many types of cases, litigation is not necessary, so you may want to consider pursuing an alternative dispute resolution tool like mediation to settle your dispute. Lesa Koski is a civil mediator around Woodbury, MN who can help you settle many different types of issues without a lengthy and costly court battle. Settling a case outside of court has many important benefits, including saving you significant time, money and stress.

Why Choose Civil Mediation over Going to Court?

A civil case is one that is not related to a crime. Civil cases usually revolve around a dispute between two individuals, perhaps suing for money, a contract breach, negligence, or property damage. One of the most common types of civil cases are divorces. Mediation is ideal for settling all types of civil cases, including your divorce. Lesa Koski has more than two decades of experience as a Woodbury civil mediator and will focus on resolving your specific issue(s) in a timely way that works best for both parties. Lesa will work hard to gain your trust and truly work to understand your perspective. Her strong communication skills are particularly helpful as your mediator. She will offer a neutral perspective and knowledge of Minnesota law and a low stress environment that fosters positive dialogue.

For mediation to be effective, both parties must agree to participate and (ideally) come to the table with an open mind and willingness to compromise. Lesa Koski can take it from there. She has devoted her entire career to helping those with disagreements find ways to compromise. She has worked extensively with divorcing couples to settle issues like division of joint property, child custody agreements and even spousal maintenance agreements. She can also assist with other family law issues, elder law, boundary disputes, breaches in contract and other non-criminal disagreements.

Experienced Woodbury Civil Mediator

Lesa is compassionate, professional, capable, trustworthy and responsive. She, in addition to being a licensed mediator, also has her law degree. When you work with her you can be confident that the legal documents that are drafted after your mediation session are correct and ready to be filed. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of mediation over litigation, contact Lesa Koski in Woodbury, MN at 651-214-5057 or