Civil Mediator by MeLesa Koski is a local civil mediator who can work with you to resolve virtually any issue related to civil mediation. Lesa does this with unsurpassed professionalism, strong communication skills, great care, and knowledge of Minnesota law. Civil mediation allows you to be able to settle a non-criminal case without having to go to court. Mediation can be less expensive and take less time to reach resolution, which is important for all involved. Lesa’s areas of specialty include the following:

Elder Law Services

This aspect of civil mediation includes medical assistance planning, the drafting of conservatorships and healthcare directives, establishing powers of attorney and guardianships, as well as simple estate planning. Lesa understands that elder law is a sensitive issue filled with emotion. Lesa will help you plan now so that you and your family can be confident that you will have your wishes honored should you get sick or pass away.

Family Law Support

As you can imagine, family law covers a huge part of Minnesota law. Lesa Koski provides mediation services that are designed to solve problems. She brings extensive knowledge of Minnesota law and strong communication skills which allow her to connect with all parties to build trust and find common ground. Divorce is one common issue that is included in family law. Mediation is a highly effective tool to resolve all aspects of a divorce settlement. Lesa has experience in the following areas of divorce law:

Divorce mediation: A means of settling the terms of a divorce without the expense of attorneys representing each member of the couple.
Co-mediation: Allows for more than one trained professional to assist with your specific mediation needs.
● Divorce coaching: A trained professional works with only one member of the couple. This provides greater focus for the person who works with the coach.
Post-divorce mediation: As we all know, divorce may end a marriage, but it does not necessarily mean the end of communication between the divorced spouses. This is especially true when children are involved, but it is not limited to divorced couples with children.
Spousal maintenance mediation: When spousal maintenance (also known as ‘alimony’) is necessary, there can be disagreements about its parameters, and Lesa can help you and your former spouse reach agreement on unresolved matters.
Separation help for unmarried parents and domestic partners: Another important segment of the population who often need mediation assistance are unmarried couples and domestic partners. Lesa Koski can help you resolve the issues that occur during and after separation.

Experienced Local Civil Mediator, Woodbury in MN

Civil mediation covers an enormous number of issues that occur between people. Lesa can provide you with guidance and comfort in times of great stress. For more information or to schedule a time to meet with Lesa, call her at (651) 214-5057.