Family & Divorce Mediator serving Stillwater, Woodbury, & HudsonLesa Koski serves the people of eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin as a family and civil mediator. If you and your spouse are considering divorcing, you would do well to consider seeking Lesa Koski to help you navigate the process. Lesa Koski has organized her practice around the idea of advocating for you, personalizing your situation, and working toward the best possible solution for all those affected by your divorce.

Navigate Divorce Process With A Mediator

When you enter the process of divorce, things can get pretty complicated very fast. You will want to know that you can count on your civil mediator to understand the complexities of all applicable laws, and work toward your best interests and those of your children. It is even important that your civil mediator keep your soon-to-be-former spouse’s best interests in mind during and after the completion of the mediated divorce proceedings. Divorce is undeniably and inevitably complicated. Lesa Koski can help you ensure that the dissolution of your marriage results in the correct distribution of (and navigation through) the processes of separating assets, resolving debts, splitting retirement accounts, resolving loans, and most important of all, creating a workable parenting plan when children are involved. If one spouse is financially dependent on the other, Lesa Koski is also equipped to help find the best possible resolution to this issue.

Additionally, Lesa Koski provides important assistance in other areas too. Those services include:

1. Post-divorce Consultation: Your mediator serves as a neutral third-party, often providing insight from the perspective of other professionals. Divorce ends the legality of a marriage, but it does not end the relationship between you and your spouse. There are many circumstances when people need support even after the ink is dry on the divorce dissolution papers.
2. Divorce Coaching: The process of divorce is disruptive at best and can cause tremendous stress and anxiety. A civil mediator like Lesa Koski can coach you through the most difficult and arduous parts of your divorce.
3. Unmarried and domestic partner issues: For people who have created a life together, but have not gone through the legal process of marriage, there are issues that may still require Civil Mediation when the relationship is set to go through significant change. The legal issues may be different, but the ties that held together your relationship may still need the expertise of a Civil Mediator like Lesa Koski to untie them.

Family And Civil Mediation Services

Lesa Koski, whose practice is located in Bayport, MN, is uniquely qualified to help you through the choice to end your relationship. For more information about family and civil mediation, call Lesa directly at (651) 214-5057 or email