Civil Mediator Near MeLesa Koski is a highly trained civil mediator with extensive experience helping individuals reach agreements that allow them to move forward with their lives. The hallmark of civil mediation is swift action – most civil cases are resolved in the course of just one day. You do not have to wait for court time or juggle attorney schedules. Civil mediation allows you to settle your dispute quickly, often with significantly less conflict than a court battle. Lesa Koski, as a trained mediator and civil lawyer, can circumvent the limitations of the courts and help both parties reach resolution in a more efficient way. An added benefit of working with a trained civil mediator is that the process does not reward an adversarial approach. Lesa Koski helps her clients seek common ground and workable solutions.

Benefits of Mediation to Solve Disputes

Mediation is an entirely voluntary process and must be entered into freely by both parties. Lesa Koski will provide third-party neutrality for you the other party, and will be biased only in favor of fairness. As a trained mediator, Lesa brings neutrality and objectivity to each case she works on. She is a natural communicator and an excellent listener and believes that strong communication and trust are the cornerstone to solving problems. This approach has worked for many in the area with complicated issues to resolve, divorces or other disputes. Lesa is also trained in Minnesota law, so she can serve as a strong legal resource and answer a wide variety of questions about the legal process.

The most common types of cases that can be settled via civil mediation include contract and lease disputes, small business ownership issues, employment and, of course, divorce. Criminal cases cannot be settled in a mediation setting and must be resolved by the court system. There are many benefits to pursuing mediation for civil issues including:

● Significantly less expensive
● Faster resolution and it offers option for more flexible solutions
● Entirely confidential and sensitive
● Can offer an option for cases that are not suitable for court but that still need to be resolved

Experienced Local Civil Mediator

Civil Mediation can make the difference between a peaceful resolution of an issue and one that is more contentious and adversarial. If you are in need of the services of a Civil Mediator in your area, we hope you will consider Lesa Koski. You can reach her directly at 651-214-5057, or by email at