Coping With The End Of Your Marriage The benefits of divorce mediation are better known than ever before, but we still want to inform people who do not understand that there is a more affordable and less painful option available to them. The decision to divorce one’s spouse can come out of nowhere, especially when one spouse discovers that the other spouse is having an extramarital affair. While we never pass judgment on people who decide to seek divorce, it remains a fact that some couples decide to seek a divorce rather suddenly. For other couples, divorce is the last phase of a long period of time that is finally resulting in the decision to end their marriage.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation Services

Lesa Koski has the ability to help divorcing couples on either end of that spectrum, and at all points in between. One benefit of working for so long to help people who have decided to get divorced is that no two circumstances are exactly alike. The knowledge that every divorce process is different helps Lesa understand what you and your divorcing spouse need. Lesa is a lawyer and an experienced mediator who brings a unique kind of expertise to her work. As important as an understanding of the law and how to mediate conflict between divorcing couples are, it is Lesa Koski’s understanding of people and compassion that helps them feel cared for during the divorce process.

The difference between mediated divorce with a mediator like Lesa Koski and the traditional court-system divorces of old is significant. Mediated divorce is very often recommended to divorcing couples by the court system of Minnesota, and it is because the process is faster and less expensive that this recommendation is made. Mediation also allows for flexibility and lays a positive foundation for a couple to work together after divorce. Mediation does a far better job of preparing the divorcing couple for life after marriage, so it is easy to understand why divorce mediation is desired by so many divorcing couples.

Experienced And Compassionate Divorce Mediator

Still, because of the traumatic and painful nature of divorce, many people may not know that there is a less expensive, less painful, and far more positive option available to them. If you are experiencing the loss of your marriage, we recommend getting in contact with Lesa for a free consultation. Call us at (651) 214-5057 to speak with a member of our team.