Divorce Coaching Services in MN and WI Lesa Koski is perhaps best known in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area as a trusted divorce mediator, helping couples settle the terms of their divorce. In addition to her excellent mediation services, Lesa can also serve as a divorce coach. You might be wondering what the difference is between divorce mediation services and divorce coaching services. Divorce mediation occurs when a divorce mediator works with two parties to resolve one or more disputes. Generally, mediation can resolve issues like division of property and child custody. However, there are instances in which you may need one-on-one support during the divorce process. In these cases, a divorce coach may be a better fit for you.

Find The Support You Need Through The Divorce Process

As your divorce coach, Lesa can provide you with individualized support to make sure that your unique needs are being met during the divorce process. A divorce coach can help you through the divorce process, from start to finish, providing you with a sounding board and trusted advisor each step of the way. A coach can be instrumental in helping you develop your list of priorities, make decisions about custody, and come up with a strategy for positive and effective communication during the mediation process. When you work with a divorce coach, you will likely also still need the help of a mediator to work with you and your ex.

A divorce coach gives you an extra layer of support during the process. You get to determine the focus and the topics that you tackle, so you can be confident that the process will work for you. Perhaps most importantly, your divorce coach can empower you and give you the confidence that you need to enter the divorce proceedings from a position of power. You will feel prepared for the process and know what to expect. This will help you feel calm and peaceful about the process, confident that it will work out in a way that is best for all involved.

Experienced MN and WI Divorce Coach

Lesa Koski has the experience and knowledge to serve as your divorce coach during the mediation process. Lesa’s focus on clear and compassionate communication can give you the support and the information that you need to navigate the process without excess stress and conflict. Lesa can be reached directly at 651-214-5057 or by emailing lesa@lesakoski.com. Right now, Lesa is able to complete her divorce coaching services virtually until in-person sessions are safe.