Elder Law AttorneyWhile many divorcing couples have never heard of divorce coaches, everyone going through a divorce could benefit from a divorce coach, one way or another. If you’re going through a divorce, whether you’ve just begun the divorce process or you’re working through your divorce, you may be finding that you need help navigating the legal aspects of divorce, coming to terms with the divorce process, and helping you make your concerns and your needs heard and understood throughout the divorce process. Although a divorce coach works solely with one party in a divorce, he or she can also serve as your divorce mediator, helping you and your soon-to-be former spouse come to a legally equitable agreement. If you’re looking for a Minnesota or Wisconsin divorce coach who can be both a source of information and aid for you as well as an impartial mediator in your divorce, Lesa Koski is the divorce coach and mediator for you, whether you’re looking for a divorce coach, mediator, or both.

Benefits of a Divorce Coach

There’s no doubt about it; divorce is hard. Whether it’s coming to terms with your divorce emotionally or ensuring that you understand the legal jargon of divorce, it can be stressful thinking that you might not be represented fairly, that you might not be understanding all of the stipulations of your divorce, and that you may not have anyone to help you work through your specific issues in your divorce. With a divorce coach, though, all of these fears and anxieties will ease the more you see the benefits of a divorce coach. When you come to Lesa Koski, you’ll have a divorce coach who can help you:

  • Establish emotional boundaries with your former partner.
  • Make informed decisions about your divorce, including child custody, spousal support, child support, and the division of assets and debts.
  • Create new goals after divorce for yourself and for your family so that you can move forward with peace and contentment.
  • View and make changes to your lifestyle in order to adjust effectively to your new life after divorce.
  • Create divorce plans for division of assets, custody, support, or otherwise that you can use in mediation or in court.
  • Focus on the unresolved portions of your divorce and avoid backtracking into areas that have been resolved already, ensuring a timely and fair divorce agreement.

Divorce Coaching in WI and MN

If the idea of making your divorce go more smoothly with less conflict and less emotional hardship for everyone involved appeals to you, then utilizing a divorce coach like Lesa Koski would be in your best interest. With Lesa, you’ll find a Wisconsin or Minnesota divorce coach who has experience dealing with divorce mediation and the hardships of divorce, and she can help you work through the most difficult parts of your divorce. Contact Lesa today at (651) 214-5057 or lesa.koski@gmail.com, and schedule your divorce coaching appointments so that you’re prepared for your divorce.