Divorce Mediation BasicsFortunately, divorce is not something that you have to deal with very often in your life. Some lucky couples never get divorced, but many others find that it is (unfortunately) the best decision for the family. When it happens, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the emotions associated and the logistical aspects of the process. Lesa Koski is a mediator who helps couples in Afton, Minnesota navigate the divorce process with care, courage, purpose and less stress. Here are some of the basics of the divorce mediation process:

  1. Mediation is entirely voluntary. You and your ex must both agree to participate in the process, which is led by a divorce mediator. It is best to come to the process with an openness and willingness to compromise.
  2. Mediation will save you time and money. Mediation is much less expensive than litigation, often saving couples many thousands of dollars in legal fees. Mediation takes much less time as well. You can expect 3-4 divorce mediation sessions that last approximately 2-3 hours to settle the terms of your divorce.
  3. You can expect to settle all aspects of a divorce via divorce mediation including equitably dividing your joint property, creating a parenting plan that determines how your children will divide their time and spousal and child custody arrangements if they are necessary.
  4. Your mediator serves as a neutral third party, guiding discussion about the terms of your divorce. It is important to understand that your mediator does not make decisions related to your case – in fact, you and your ex-spouse are responsible for making those decisions. Your mediator will provide an open, honest forum for productive discussion. You should make sure that you feel comfortable with your mediator. Trust and openness are critical to the process.
  5. Mediation allows you to be in control over the decisions related to your divorce, rather than leaving this in the hands of lawyers and a judge.
  6. Mediation can be very helpful even after your divorce is final, when you and/or your spouse has a change that requires adjustment like child custody agreements or spousal maintenance amounts.

Navigate your Divorce with Less Stress

Lesa Koski has more than a decade of experience using divorce mediation to help Afton, MN couples settle the terms of their divorce. In addition to being a trained mediator, Lesa is also a family lawyer, so she can use her legal knowledge in the process as well. For more information or to speak with Lesa directly, call 651-214-5057 or email lesa@lesakoski.com.