Divorce Mediation ChecklistAs you prepare to meet with your divorce mediator, it is often helpful to think ahead about what issues might be discussed during the process. Lesa Koski is a trusted and experienced divorce mediator with her practice in South St. Paul, MN who can guide you through this process and help you meet your goals. She offers comprehensive divorce mediation and support services and provides this with compassion, efficiency and extensive knowledge of Minnesota divorce law. Divorce mediation can help you resolve all aspects of your divorce including division of joint property, the development of a parenting plan to outline how your children will spend their time, and issues related to spousal maintenance and child support. Mediation is much less expensive, less stressful and takes less time than a court battle and can help you move forward in a healthier way.

As you get ready for your first mediation session, here is a checklist of items that will likely be covered during these sessions. You may want to pull any financial or other related documentation for reference during the divorce mediation process.

  • Division of joint assets and property
    • Any documents that outline value of property
    • Home or other physical property owned together
    • Property taxes and other expenses
    • Car/boat/other motor vehicle information (including insurance information)
    • Credit card and other debt
    • Retirement and life insurance information
    • Investment information including stocks
  • Parenting agreement (plan for physical custody)
    • Weekdays
    • Weekends
    • Holidays
    • School vacation including summer
    • Childcare plan (if needed)
    • Plans for travel with each parent
    • Plans for how to communicate about changes to regular routine
  • Information related to Spousal and Child Support
    • Income information
    • Health insurance and expenses
    • Pension plans
    • Educational expenses
    • Living expenses for both parties
    • Childcare expenses
    • Tax deductions
    • Life insurance
    • Extra-curricular expenses for kids (including birthday parties, etc.)

Partner with an Experienced Local Divorce Mediator in South St. Paul, MN

Do not let this checklist overwhelm you. If you do not have access to documentation related to each of these items, just pull together what you can and Lesa can help you map out a plan for getting the remaining information that you need. Lesa is both a divorce attorney and a divorce mediator, so she is well versed in Minnesota law and can make sure that your case proceeds carefully, based on current divorce law. You can expect divorce mediation to take between 2-4 two-hour mediation sessions over the course of 4-8 weeks. Each divorce is different and if you decide to meet with Lesa, she can give you a more specific idea of how quickly she expects your case to move. For more information about Lesa Koski’s divorce mediation services, call her at (651) 214-5057.