Divorce Mediation Help St. PaulDivorce is not easy. You probably already know this, but it’s always good to have your thoughts confirmed. There is no way to make divorce as simple as we’d all like it to be, but there are divorce processes that are easier than others. Mediation is often the simplest, lowest-conflict divorce process, especially when compared to contentious courtroom divorces. With a mediator, you can create a divorce agreement that’s fair to both parties without feeling like you’re fighting to get what you want. Every step of the way in mediation will help you to maintain good communication with your former partner, ensuring you both get what you need. If you’re looking for divorce mediation help in St. Paul, Minnesota, Lesa Koski is here to make sure you get it.

What is a Divorce Mediator?

If you’ve never been through a divorce, it’s likely you won’t know much – if anything – about how a divorce works or what your options are. Many divorcing couples think they need an attorney fighting for them no matter how friendly their divorce may be. But that’s not the case. Your divorce can be as peaceful, affordable, and quick as you make it, and a divorce mediator can give you the best chance of making it happen. A divorce mediator acts as a neutral third party who helps you and your spouse compromise. Working with Lesa Koski, she’ll talk to both parties together to determine what you both need and how that can be accomplished. She will assist you in all legal issues and jargon, and you won’t have to worry about whether your divorce will be approved. She has the skillset and knowledge set to make sure your divorce agreement is legally equitable and ready to be seen by a judge.

Consider the Benefits of Co-Mediation

If you and your spouse aren’t comfortable working with one mediator for the two of you, consider co-mediation. You’ll work with multiple mediators who will act as neutral parties. The benefit here is getting the perspective and help of two or more mediators instead of one. That means more voices in the room to help you come to compromises and more resources to help navigate divorce challenges. It can also mean you’ll have more people around to diffuse tension or awkwardness throughout your divorce process, and you may be able to come to agreements faster.

Creating Equitable Divorce Agreements Through Mediation

Divorce mediators answer the same questions a divorce attorney would. We’ll go through the steps of divorce, helping you and your spouse create an agreement that works for both of you. We’ll cover property division, spousal support, child custody, visitation, and child support. Typically, these issues will be addressed one at a time over a number of sessions so that each issue is tackled completely before moving onto the next. If Lesa Koski sounds like the divorce mediation help in St. Paul, MN you’re looking for, contact us at (651) 214-5057 or lesa.koski@gmail.com.