Divorce Mediation HelpGetting a divorce is often an emotional, stressful and financially burdensome task. When you and your spouse are looking for a route to separation, seeking an attorney to go into litigation, is not your only option. Mediation is now the preferred route to take.

When couples decide to file for a divorce, it is often not a civil matter, but rather is turbulent and disputes are bound to happen. Some divorcing couples believe that their relationship is too difficult, and settling things in court is the only way to separate. Although it is true that some couples may have to go to litigation because of the complications in their relationships, divorce mediation works for almost all couples that try. Mediation is designed to work through complex and unfriendly relationships so that divorcing couples can divide their assets and work out family plans that will be best for them and their children.

Divorce Mediation Gives Couples More Control

Mediation has a lot of benefits, it is designed in order for couples to make a plan that is best for them. If you take your divorce to court, the judge has the final say and most likely one spouse will receive primary custody of the children, and will benefit financially more than the other person. It has been shown nationally that divorcing couples that decide not to use mediation, end their divorce feeling unsatisfied by the results. On the other hand, the majority of couples that settle their divorce using mediation have reported feeling satisfied by the results. When you are working with a mediator they help guide the conversation to stay on topic and not get side tracked with unnecessary arguments and to keep each person’s interests as the main priority and to create a plan for the family. Mediation also only takes a couple of months, compared to over a year for litigation, and also is about 1/4 of the cost of court.

Divorce Mediation Help

When you are looking for divorce Mediation help, Lesa Koski is here to provide you with the best in the business. Lesa is not only a mediator but she is also a practicing family lawyer. Lesa fully understand family law and how the legal system works to best advise you on how to move forward with your divorce. She has spent her entire life mediating, even when she was young. Lesa is kind-spirited, and non judgmental. When you work with Lesa she takes the time to fully listen and understand your circumstance so she can provide you with the best service, and guidance through this difficult process.