Divorce Mediator MNWhen you wake up on your wedding day and say your marriage vows to your spouse in front of close family and friends, you think that it is forever, and strive to be in the 50% of couples who make it. Unfortunately, however, people can change over time and life can present challenges that are unexpected, causing serious problems that force couples to decide to part ways. While this reality is difficult, unexpected and likely sad, it does not have to define you or your relationship with your soon to be ex-spouse. Divorce Mediation allows you to take a measure of control over the divorce process and gives you power to address issues important to your family. Rather than battle in the courts, divorce mediation can be used to settle important issues like child custody, child support and division of assets and debts. Lesa Koski Mediation of Woodbury, MN can help you navigate the process of divorce by building strong communication and trust, giving you the best possible chance of finding compromise.

Divorce Mediation in Woodbury, MN

Lesa Koski is a family mediator that serves divorcing couples in the Woodbury, MN area. Lesa’s goal is to help couples get through their divorce with less stress and pain, so that there is a greater chance to resolve difficult issues amicably. The ultimate goal of mediation is to look ahead to your future, rather than fighting about and focusing on the past. She provides a compassionate, caring and sympathetic ear and helps couples find peace after a difficult time.

Mediation offers many benefits to those who choose to use it as a tool to navigate divorce and family issues. It is less expensive and takes less time than proceeding through the court system. In addition, mediation sets a positive and productive tone between you and your divorcing spouse, which can help lay the groundwork for future discussions and negotiations. A finalized divorce is the beginning of a new phase of a relationship (especially for a couple who has children). Mediation allows you to move through the divorce process with less animosity, less pain and less stress.

You Can Get Professional Mediation Help

No matter where you are currently in the divorce process, you can still decide to see an experienced mediator to help you navigate difficult issues. Lesa Koski Mediation of Woodbury, MN can provide you with strong, compassionate and confidential professional mediation support when you need it. Call Lesa Koski directly at (651)-214-5057 to set up a meeting to learn more.