Divorce Mediation StillwaterWhen you’re going through a divorce, you divorce is likely the last thing you actually want to think about. Whether your divorce is causing you emotional grief, creating challenges in your family relationships, or perhaps lifting a weight off of your shoulders, most of the time, when you’ve decided to go through with a divorce, you want it to be over with as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no way to say “I want a divorce” and see it happen immediately – or usually even quickly. Divorce can be a lengthy, costly process, and many people think that it has to be. But it doesn’t. With a divorce mediator, you can cut costs and get a speedy divorce without the emotional drama and just plain drama of a courtroom divorce or divorce through attorneys. If you’re looking for a Stillwater, MN divorce mediator who can help you get through your divorce relatively unscathed and with a divorce agreement you can be happy with, you’re looking for Lesa Koski.

What Does Divorce Mediation Include?

If you’ve never been through or witnessed the divorce process before, you likely have a lot of questions about how it actually works. In fact, you may not know exactly what a divorce mediator is or does. No problem. A divorce mediator works with both parties in a divorce, not advocating for either party, to help everyone understand the divorce process completely. This includes walking you through each area of divorce step-by-step until you’ve created a legally fair agreement that can be approved by a judge. A divorce mediator will help you, over a period of several meetings, determine a division of property agreement and spousal support, and help create parenting plans, including child custody and visitation, and child support.

Why Divorce Mediation?

Often times, divorce mediators are mistaken for divorce attorneys, but they’re actually a very different type of professional. Unlike attorneys, divorce mediators remain a neutral third party throughout the process. This helps keep conflict to a minimum and moves things along as quickly as possible. Neither party has to worry about whether they have the better representation; they’ll know that their mediator is helping them decide what’s fair, not “win” the divorce. Especially when there are children involved, maintaining a good foundation for future communication and cooperation is essential to a successful divorce. Divorce mediation is also a much cheaper option than both parties hiring divorce attorneys or taking their case through a courtroom – something that will only make the entire process longer, more expensive, and more painful for everyone.

Local Divorce Mediation Expert

If you’ve decided to entrust your divorce to a local Stillwater, Minnesota divorce mediator, trust Lesa Koski to help you build a future that’s fair and right for you. Contact us today at (651) 214-5057 or lesa.koski@gmail.com, and see for yourself why divorce mediation is the best way forward.