Divorce Mediator or Divorce Lawyer | How to ChooseIf you have decided to pursue a divorce, you may be gathering information about the divorce process and have questions about whether you should work with a divorce mediator or a divorce lawyer to settle the important issues like division of property and child custody. Making this choice can be difficult because you likely have little experience with the process and may not be able to accurately predict how your case will go. Lesa Koski is a professional divorce mediator AND a divorce lawyer and can help decide how to choose which path to pursue.

Benefits of Working with a Divorce Mediator

Mediation is a collaborative process that ultimately puts the decisions about your divorce settlement in the hands of you and your spouse. A divorce mediator is a neutral, third party that facilitates discussion about the issues that need to be resolved and empowers you to find areas of compromise and common ground. Mediation is less expensive than a court battle, takes less time and is entirely confidential. If mediation does not work, you are still able to hire a divorce attorney and proceed through the court to determine your settlement.

Benefits of Working with a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer’s primary role is to advocate for their client (you) and work to achieve the best possible outcome for that party. A lawyer works for one individual only and can represent you in a court case (also called litigation). Your lawyer can provide you with legal advice throughout the process If your spouse has hired a divorce attorney and has determined that he/she wants to pursue litigation to resolve the terms of your divorce, then hiring a divorce attorney is probably the best solution for you. In addition, if you have already tried mediation and have been unable to settle the terms of your divorce, you may also want to hire an attorney to represent your interests. Other situations in which hiring a lawyer may be beneficial is when you are fearful of your partner, or you have reason to believe he/she is hiding assets.

Deciding How to Settle Your Divorce

While it is important to understand that Lesa Koski cannot serve you as both your mediator and your divorce attorney, she can answer questions about the mediation and legal processes of divorce so that you can make the best decision for your unique situation. For more information about how best to settle your divorce, call Lesa Koski directly at 651-214-5057.