Divorce Mediator or Family Lawyer MNIf you and your spouse have made the very difficult decision to divorce, you may now turn your attention to the best way to navigate the divorce process. The best path may be different for different couples. Each divorce is unique, and each family is unique. You can choose to resolve the important issues in your divorce using the divorce mediation process or more traditional litigation. The Minnesota court system actually encourages all couples to try mediation first as the MN court system cannot accommodate all of the cases and mediation can resolve many of the same issues without having to go through the court. You can partner with a divorce mediator or a family lawyer, depending on your unique needs.

Deciding if you Need a Family Lawyer or Mediator

Lesa Koski is a family lawyer AND a professional divorce mediator in Minnesota. It is important to understand that Lesa can serve as your family attorney OR your divorce mediator, but not both. As your family lawyer, Lesa can represent you and your interests in court or even negotiate with your former spouse’s attorney outside of court as you settle the terms of your divorce. You will have input in the decisions that are made but you will leave the negotiations and communication largely to Lesa and your spouse’s attorney.

As your mediator, Lesa will be a neutral third party, not representing either you or your spouse, but instead will facilitate a positive and productive discussion about the issues in your divorce case. As your mediator, she will not make decisions in your case but empower you and your divorcing spouse to make these decisions by fostering a cooperative and collaborative environment. Mediation allows you to really drive the decisions about your divorce settlement as you and your soon to be ex-spouse communicate directly (in the presence of your mediator) about the issues that are important to you.

Navigate your Divorce with Less Stress

You can expect to solve such issues as division of joint property, development of a child custody agreement (also known as a parenting agreement) and spousal/child support payments with a family attorney or a divorce mediator. Both processes can be highly effective and help you move forward with your life. Lesa is a trusted and experienced family lawyer and divorce mediator with many years of experience helping couples navigate the divorce process successfully, with as little stress as possible. For more information, or to speak with Lesa about which path may be most positive for you and your family, call 651-214-5057 or email lesa@lesakoski.com to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.