Sadly, divorce affects children. Divorce Mediator Lesa Koski, who serves Stillwater, Woodbury, Lake Elmo and surrounding areas, does everything in her power to help parents devise a parenting plan and divorce agreement that will serve their children first and foremost. In fact, Lesa Koski of Stillwater, MN believes that keeping the focus on the kids always makes a divorce mediation go smoother. Parents love their children and always want what is best for them. It is one area that parents agree on.

Divorce Mediator

When parents meet with Lesa Koski in her Stillwater office they often ask how the divorce will affect their children. Lesa often recommends family counseling when parents are concerned for their children’s emotional well-being. There is good information available for parents regarding this issue.

Some licensed counselors believe that the reason divorce is so hard on children is because children believe their parents are almost supernatural and should be able to work through any conflict. A divorce can shatter a child’s basic safety and concern arises for their own well-being. They often resent both parents in this situation.

Divorce Mediator Lesa Koski believes in marriage. She sees great value in keeping marriages together. Lesa states, “When clients first walk into my Stillwater office I always ask if they want a divorce and have they been to counseling?” “One time I was working in my Bayport office and I asked a couple these questions. They decided to give it another try. This is a very rewarding outcome.”

Unfortunately, Lesa Koski also realizes this is often not an option. Both parties have thought through every detail of their situation and are ready to move forward with a divorce mediation. In the quietness of Lesa’s Stillwater office clients usually begin the divorce mediation with the parenting plan. She helps the parties see situations that could arise. This helps divorcing parents address issues before a disagreement arises.

Lesa Koski also likes to point out that although many children are greatly saddened, some are relieved. When there is an abusive situation, or parents are unhappy, there is a small sense of peace. Some studies suggest that children feel the financial strain of living in a single parent household. Lesa Koski prefers to help clients prepare financially so the children feel as little strain as possible. Another issue children identify as making a divorce difficult is parents who bad mouth the other parent in front of the children. Lesa Koski helps parents draft a parenting plan that actually addresses this issue and other pertinent matters.

If you are in need of a divorce mediator and you live in Stillwater, Woodbury, Lake Elmo, Bayport or surrounding areas Divorce Mediator Lesa Koski would be happy to lead you through the process as peacefully as possible.