Divorce Mediator Woodury MNSometimes Divorce Mediator, Lesa Koski-who serves Woodbury and Stillwater, wears the Family Law Lawyer hat rather than the Divorce Mediator hat. A Divorce Mediator who is also an attorney needs to be very careful to take off and put away each hat while working as the other.

If Divorce Mediator, Lesa Koski has ever worked with you as a Divorce Mediator she will not act as your Family Law Attorney. Please feel free to contact Ms. Koski if you have worked with her in the past as a Mediator. She would be happy to recommend other Attorneys that serve the Stillwater and Woodbury areas. The reason a Mediator does not act as an attorney is due to the fact that when couples go through Mediation they are not getting any legal support. They are putting together a legal document-their divorce decree- however the Divorce Mediator is there to support the communication between the divorcing couple not to act as an attorney.

Divorce Mediator Post Divorce

Often people in the Woodbury and Stillwater area will need a Divorce Mediator post divorce. There are many reasons this can happen. Once common reason is a change in financial circumstances of one or both parties. In these cases maintenance and child support may need to be adjusted. Sometimes couples need to change their custody arrangements due to a work schedule conflict or even a move. If one or both parties to a divorce have a change in circumstances; or would like to change any part of the divorce decree (maintenance, child support, child custody etc..) they use a Divorce Mediator. Most decrees state that you must first use an alternative dispute resolution service prior to going back to court.

Lesa Koski puts away the Divorce Mediator hat when one party reaches out to her for assistance in filing for divorce. Although Divorce Mediation is a wonderful format for preparing a divorce, it is voluntary. Each party must agree to the Divorce Mediation. In addition each party must be willing to work with the other party to come to a fair divorce agreement.

If you and your spouse are ready to work with a Divorce Mediator please contact Lesa Koski. Her beautiful office is nestled in the St. Croix River Valley. It is a tranquil place to work out a divorce agreement. If you have any questions regarding divorce or family law Lesa Koski would be happy to chat.