Divorce Services in WisconsinAfter you and your partner have made the difficult decision to divorce, you may be left feeling sad, angry, and extremely disappointed that the relationship did not succeed.  It is normal to need support from many different sources during this very difficult time.  Lesa Koski offers a wide variety of divorce services for couples who are trying to settle their divorce without a lengthy and contentious court battle.  With a background in family law, Lesa offers compassion, understanding, and strong communication skills to her clients and helps them achieve an outcome that they can feel good about. Lesa helps couples move forward after divorce.

Effective Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce mediation is one highly effective way to settle your divorce without a litigation.  Lesa can serve as your mediator to facilitate discussion between you and your spouse to resolve issues such as equitable division of property, assets and debts, creation of a parenting plan that puts your children first, and even the determination of whether or not child and/or spousal support is warranted.  You and your spouse can actually find a way forward together, rather than leaving your fate in the hands of a judge.

Additional Divorce Services Offered

In addition to divorce mediation, Lesa Koski also offers additional divorce services including:

  • Co-Mediation: Co-mediation is a team approach to settling a divorce. You can partner with several different professionals who can help you resolve the issues between you. Co-mediators work to foster an atmosphere where cooperation and compromise can be reached.
  • Divorce Coaching: Lesa Koski can also work with you as your divorce coach, offering strong support and guidance to you as an individual (rather than ½ of the couple). One important role of a divorce coach is helping you find ways to set emotional boundaries with your soon to be ex-spouse.
  • Divorce Support: Divorce is one of the most difficult life events. Divorce mediators like Lesa Koski offer support during the process to help you see what is possible for your future.
  • Post-divorce mediation: When divorce papers are signed, your relationship enters a new phase. In many cases, especially when there are children involved, a co-parenting relationship begins. If circumstances change after your divorce is settled, you may benefit from post-divorce mediation.
  • Support of couples who are unmarried/domestic partners: Couples who are not married but share property, children and have built a life together need the same type of support and assistance during the separation as married couples need during divorce. Lesa Koski lends her support and experience to married and unmarried couples alike.

Professional Support During Divorce

If you are facing a divorce and have questions about the mediation process, call Lesa Koski at 651-214-5057 to schedule a time for a free consultation.