Elder Law AttorneyMediation is a highly effective and less expensive way to settle many unresolved issues in a divorce, but there are times when both parties may not view the process in this way. If you are navigating a divorce and are having difficulty working with your soon to be ex-spouse to find solutions and common ground to move forward, you may want to partner with Lesa Koski, a state qualified neutral, who has spent her career devoted to a wide variety of aspects related to divorce and family law and mediation. If your partner is not ready or willing to move forward with mediation, Lesa can offer you individualized support to help you make decisions, look forward, and make your life better.

Navigate Your Divorce with Support

If your divorcing spouse is not ready or willing to participate in the mediation process, you still may benefit from receiving compassionate, encouraging and practical support from a divorce mediator like Lesa Koski, who has many years of experience working closely with Minnesota couples to find solutions to the even the most difficult and complex problems. Lesa can use this experience, knowledge and her excellent communication skills to help you focus on the future, rather the pain of the past.

Lesa can help you develop a plan for moving forward, which may include any of the following aspects of healing:

● Developing new routines to take your mind off the changes in your life and settle into new, healthier routines. This can be important for you and your children.
● Financial planning: Divorce is often accompanied by unexpected expenses. Lesa can guide you through the process and help you plan for what is coming.
● Coping with loss: Divorce is one of the most difficult life experiences to go through and you may feel a wide range of emotion during the process. Lesa is more than a mediator, she can sit with you and help you process the emotional aspects of your divorce.
● Communication strategy: Lesa can help you develop a strategy for communicating with your soon to be ex-spouse, either directly or via lawyer and, she can help you be clear about your priorities for moving forward and a plan for how to achieve your goals.

Divorce Mediation and Divorce Support Services

Lesa has a beautiful office in the Stillwater, MN area and often see clients from all over Minnesota and western Wisconsin, including Afton, Hudson, Lake Elmo, Lakeland, Maplewood, North St. Paul, Oakdale, St. Croix Valley, St. Paul, and Woodbury. For more information about Lesa’s divorce support services, call her today at 651-214-5057.