Do Courts Support Virtual Divorce FilingThis has been a year filled with stress, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. Families have been under significant strain and for many, this stress is on top of already existing problems. If you were considering separating or moving toward divorce before the pandemic, you may have put your plans on hold as we all hunkered down and limited our risk of exposure. You may be surprised to learn that the Minnesota and Wisconsin’s court systems are actually encouraging couples who have decided to divorce to consider settling and filing virtually, rather than going through the court system. The courts are not set up right now to handle the number of divorce cases that are on the books, so settling your divorce virtually, using mediation services, can be an ideal way to move forward with your life with less stress and financial burden.

Virtual Mediation Services in MN And WI

Lesa Koski is a divorce mediator who has transitioned her practice to virtual during this unprecedented time. Lesa offers compassionate, competent mediation services for couples who are looking to settle the terms of their divorce and then file virtually. Lesa can help you do this without ever walking into a courtroom. She can help you navigate the process from start to finish.

Settling and filing your divorce virtually has many important benefits. First, it is dramatically less expensive than litigation and takes much less time. You can complete the mediation process in several 2-3 hour mediation sessions from the comfort of your own home. Virtual services allow couples from a wider area to take advantage of these services. Lesa is now offering virtual mediation services to couples in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Virtual mediation is convenient, safe, and gives couples the ability to negotiate their settlement without being in the same room. This can lower the temperature of the communication and facilitate a positive outcome.

Once you have settled the terms of your divorce and have a plan for custody, spousal/child support and dividing your property, Lesa can help you file for divorce. Right now, both Minnesota and Wisconsin are allowing and encouraging virtual filing. If you need a hearing, you can complete this by video conference (in Minnesota) or by phone (in Wisconsin).

How to Move Forward With Divorce During COVID-19

If you are struggling in your marriage and holding off with separation or divorce because of the pandemic, give Lesa Koski a call at 651-214-5057. She brings compassion, experience, skill and knowledge of divorce law to each case she works on.