domestic-partners-mediation-servicesDomestic partnerships aren’t exactly simple to dissolve. While divorces are more legally binding, domestic partnerships can be just as complicated – if not more complicated – to untangle. If you and your partner are separating from a domestic partnership, you’ll likely need help working through the legal aspects of your separation. Regardless of whether your separation is amicable or full of conflict, there can be issues you can’t resolve on your own. Especially if there are children involved, extensive property, or financial concerns, you could have a difficult time determining what’s legally fair in your separation and what’s best for everyone involved. Lesa Koski is a domestic partners mediator with 15 years of experience in family law, and she’s seen it all. That means whatever issues you’re facing, and however unique your situation may be, Lesa can help!

Why Work with a Domestic Partners Mediator?

You might be wondering if you even need to work with a domestic partners mediator. If you’re not married, why should your separation be mediated? When you’re involved in a domestic partnership, it’s labeled as such because it’s essentially a marriage. There aren’t the same legal bindings you’d have in a marriage, but your lives are intertwined just as much – sometimes more-so. In a domestic partnership, your finances can be combined, your property ownership can be combined, and you may have children together. All of these things will play a role in how simple or complicated your separation is. Lesa Koski can help make even the most complicated separation simpler. By working with both parties to understand who has brought what to the relationship, and what has been built in the relationship by both partners. This will help in determining how assets should be divided when the relationship is dissolved.

Unmarried Parents Mediation Stillwater and Hudson

Having children of course makes any separation more complicated, more painful, and more challenging for you, your children, and your mediator. Adding children to the mix of a separation or divorce means there are more decisions to be made. Unmarried parents mediation helps answer questions you and your partner have about what your parenting time will look like after you’re separated. You can talk with your mediator about what type of child support is possible and necessary, what types of child custody are options for you and your former partner, and what visitation schedules could work for everyone. A mediator will help keep these difficult topics civil and within a legal context, ensuring the best decisions are made for any children. That means discussing different types of custody, including physical and joint custody.

If you’re going through a domestic partner separation and are interested in mediation, Lesa Koski can answer your questions and ensure you have the help you need. Call her at (651) 214-5057, or email, and see the benefits of working with a neutral mediator to settle your separation.