Domestic Partners SeparationIf you and your domestic partner have decided to separate, the details can be just as complex and emotionally difficult as if you were dissolving a marriage. Just like a married couple, you may be faced with untangling a long life together and need to determine how best to divide your belongings, financial assets and debts. And, if you share children, you and your soon to be ex-partner will need to create a parenting plan that details a plan for custody and decision making moving forward. Lesa Koski is a trained and experienced mediator who has worked with many domestic partners who have decided to separate. Lesa understands that the separation process is unique for all couples and that separation between an unmarried couple can be as difficult as a formal divorce.

Benefits of Mediation for Separation Cases

Mediation is the most cost effective and least stressful method of separating for domestic partners. Lesa Koski can help you and your partner develop the following as part of your separation agreement:

● Creation of a Parenting Plan
● Development of a Custody Agreement
● Determination of any necessary child support
● Division of physical property and other assets and debts that are shared

The mediation process allows you to have more control over the separation process and can help you avoid litigation, which can be extremely costly and emotionally draining. Lesa Koski will facilitate positive and productive discussion that will lead to compromise and trust, which will actually help you heal more quickly and empower you to move forward in a healthy way. Lesa is a strong communicator and this will come through in her mediation sessions. She will help you and your partner focus on the issues at hand and find solutions that are workable for your entire family. She will help you feel calm and peaceful about beginning the next phase of your life.

Domestic Partners Separation

Lesa Koski is a family law attorney as well as a mediator, so while she cannot be your attorney and our mediator for the same case, she can guide you through all of legal paperwork so that all your personal attorney will have to do is file with the courts. For more information about the process of separating for unmarried parents or domestic partners, call Lesa directly at 651-214-5057. Lesa offers free 30 minute consultations to answer your questions and provide you with critical information about your specific case.